Earth Party!
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How to have fun in 2021? Add Earth Party Science Unit Study to Your Line-Up!

Q & A with Christine Echeverri, author of Earth Party! Why did you write this curriculum? The real reason — so many life forms are disappearing before our very own eyes! Many young students are aware of this predicament. Instead of leveling on guilt and sadness about this, we step back provide a broad introduction […]


Learn About California History & Geology, Via Literature

Being a native Californian, one thing I know about life in California — once every 10-years or so, the earth will move. I accept this as normal. For folks new to California, this fact often comes as a shock! As I was writing California Out of the Box, it’s my feeling I need to educate […]


Just what exactly makes a good curriculum, good?

People have asked me “What curriculum should I use for X.”  I will step out of my role as a curriculum writer to take on the hat of a homeschooling parent.   Here are a few principles that make for good curriculum resources. One of the first principles is that the curriculum is complete, as determined […]