Student Handbook Policies

Minimum Technology Required for Online Classes

Since our classes are 100% online, students will submit work through an online learning management system (LMS); a laptop computer is often times the only sure way to access and submit assignments. In our experience, iPads, phones, and tablets may not be a reliable way to access these LMS. Some instructors require that all work be submitted only through a learning management system, and will not accept work through email. Thus, relying on a purely mobile device may preclude your student’s ability to have their work reviewed if they cannot submit through the LMS.

In-Class Meeting Policies

Zoom Name

Students should come into class meetings with their given first (and last) name, or nickname (as appears on the registration form).

Student Zoom Backdrop Policy

We have found Zoom backdrop choices have created distractions in the learning environment.  It is our aim and responsibility to keep our classrooms a place where all students are able to focus on the subject material at hand.  For this reason, the following is our policy for Zoom backgrounds.

Individual instructors are free to do one of the following, as best fits their class:

  1. Set backdrop image rules which allow only course-related backdrops, or no backdrops for those that prefer this option.
  2. Provide a pool of course-related backdrops from which students, who want a backdrop, must choose from.
  3. Eliminate backdrops; however, students who can blur their Zoom backgrounds are free to use the blur feature.

Watch for instructions from your student’s instructor letting each class know which of these options will govern their class.



Many of our classes do not give grades per se; it is up to individual instructors to set scoring policies which they will share with parents and students at the beginning of each year or semester (mid-year students). We know the closer students move towards high school, a transcript might be required. Here are some things to consider to have the best possible outcome with a transcript.

  1. Please let instructors know if you will need a grade, ideally at the beginning of the year or the semester.
  2. Share with your student if you are seeking, or might seek a grade; we’d like for them to do as well as they can, and your student knowing this in advance will be helpful.
  3. Once work is graded, instructors will not be able to modify scores. The exception would be if an instructor has shared they have a policy allowing for work to be revised, within a given time frame.
  4. Please address any requests for transcripts to the director at Transcripts will be available approximately 1 week after the last class meeting each semester.