California Out of the Box – Stories from Where We Live

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Stories from Where We Live: Hardcover

UPDATE: May 6, 2022

Amazon occasionally has reasonably priced used copies available. Here is the Amazon product page for the 2001 hardcover edition.

Our Reprint – Stories Combo Set

We have received permission to print an excerpted reader edition of Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast; it contains photocopies of most of the 23 stories needed for California Out of the Box. We are selling the spiral-bound reader at cost. To purchase copies, visit our store or our Literature Box page.

How to purchase the books

The replacement for Stories from Where We Live involves purchasing the Stories Combo Set (2 books):

  • The California Coast reader (spiral-bound, $10.95)
    • Contains copies of 16 of the 23 selections.
  • California Out of the Box Supplement (paperback, $8.95)
    • Contains an additional 3 of the 23 selections.
    • Features a Selection Location Index to easily locate selections from the original book.

Combo Set

The two books together contain printed copies of 19 of the 23 stories (effective California Out of the Box, version 1.2). Note: Four of the stories could not be reprinted in either of the books; see the online links below for replacement sources for these unprinted stories.

The California Coast reader

The reader includes most stories, except the ones in the table below or the ones that can be found in California Out of the Box Supplement.

California Out of the Box Supplement

This includes a handy table which shows where to find the selections for a year long study of California history! It also includes the three selections:

  • “Camping Out in Redwood Country”
  • “A-Birding on a Bronco”
  • “In the New Garden”

If sold separately, both of these editions/books would total $19.90, far less than the current Amazon price! To offer them at a lower price price, we are selling both books as a set on our store. To save even more — purchase them together as a literature pack or as a complete literature + curriculum set.

Bookmark me!

Did you come here to find a Selection Table — December to March 2021? Click here to find that helpful table!

We suggest bookmarking this page, so you will have it ready as you move along in the curriculum.

Five selections unavailable in our Combo Set are listed below:

Stories SelectionCalifornia Out of the Box chapter/pageNotesLink
Chapter 2
“The Earth Dragon”27Pages 107-109
Chapter 3
“Catalina’s Pigeon Express”42Story unavailable. Substitute with pages 5-7 of article, and use Digital History for pictures.Richard Bauman article and article with photos
Chapter 8
“The Real Work”149Poet Gary Snyder’s website
Chapter 9
“Vasquez Rocks”172Poem unavailable. Substitute with website link and Youtube video.California Through My Lens Site and Video
Chapter 11
“The Lost Hills”235Story unavailable and omitted in CA Out of the Box version 1.2. Use “In Trees” or “The Long Bike Ride” in The California Coast reader lieu of this selection.