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If you are having a difficult time finding Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast, use the following links to replace those selections; for unavailable content, we have included substitutions. If any of these links don’t work, PLEASE email us so we can update that link.

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Stories SelectionCalifornia Out of the Box pageNotesLink
Habitats (pages 208-214)Used throughoutUse Audubon, pages 20-49
Animals and Plants (pages 215-217)Used throughoutUse Audubon, pages 80-375
Chapter 2

Seacoast Secret
5Republished as a standalone book 5/2020Amazon ($5.99), ISBN 9781922374738
The Poppy25Poet Dan Harder’s websitehttps://www.danharder.com/post/copy-of-read-between-the-lines
The Dolphins25Check back for details.
Ode to A Plain Old Pond Frog25Audio copy of William Pitt Root reading his poem, (38:57-39:35)https://podbay.fm/p/the-andys-treasure-trove-podcast/e/1592051400
The Earth Dragon27Pages 107-109https://www.gusd.net
There Oughter Be an Otter29Story unavailable. Use MBA link to substitute.Monterey Bay Aquarium
The Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island32Story unavailable. Use Common Lit link to substitute.Common Lit
Chapter 3
Night Beach Poem38Page 35Google Books
Catalina’s Pigeon Express42Story unavailable. Substitute with pages 5-7 of article, and use Digital History for pictures.Richard Bauman article and Digital History Project
Hollywood and the Pits43Pages 117-126Handout with story
Fire in the Chaparral!46Check back for details.
Chapter 5
A-Birding on a Bronco58PDF file
Chapter 7
The Secret of CD Parkhurst104Story unavailable. Use Youtube song to substitute.One-Eyed Charley – 1st California Woman to Vote Song
Camping Out in Redwood Country115PDF file
Chapter 8
Fog-San Francisco149Poem unavailable. Substitute with Sandburg poem.Carl Sandburg Poem
The Real Work149Poet Gary Snyder’s websitehttps://garysnyderturtleisland.jimdofree.com/the-real-work/
Chapter 9
In the New Garden161Check back soon.
Vasquez Rocks172Poem unavailable. Substitute with website link and Youtube video.California Through My Lens Site and Video
The Marsh at the Edge of Arcata181Essay unavailable. Substitute with pages 2-4, and 7 in the handbook. Story can be enhanced with a trip to a marsh in your area, if possible.Arcata Marsh: Jr. Marsh Explorers Handbook
Chapter 11
The Long Bike Ride235Story unavailable.
The Lost Hills235Check back soon.
In Trees235Story unavailable.