California Out of the Box

Corrections (2/11/23)

  • On page 103 (number 5), Panama Canal should read Panama isthmus. The canal was built after the Gold Rush. The isthmus should be added to the Map of the Americas on page 282.

Updates to version 1.1.3 (included in 1.2)

  • The California Coast and California Out of the Box Supplement are listed as required resources that replace the out of print Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast. These books, known as the Stories Combo Set, are available here.
  • “The Lost Hills” story removed from section 11.6.2; “Vasquez Rocks” poem (section 9.3.3) reworded to accommodate the unavailability of the poem.

Updates to version 1.1.2 (included in 1.1.3)

  • A Gift For Abuelita by Nancy Luenn modified to recommended, not required.
  • Map of the America’s Key updated to reflect Cut-Eye Higgins journey from Rio through the Isthmus of Panama (page 298).
  • Transcontinental Railroad Map updated. Central Pacific goes from #1-2, Union Pacific runs from #2-3 (page 285).
  • Rock Fracture/Cleavage Test revised to include “Fracture, Cleavage, or Both.” Some rocks have cleavage in several directions, yet will fracture if broken in another direction (page 178 and 267).

Updates to version 1.1.1 (included in 1.1.2)

  • “San Nicholas” corrected to “San Nicolas”
  • “Specimen” changed to “sample”
  • Booklist revised to include paperback edition of Stories from Where We Live – The California Coast: A Literary Field Guide (Stories from Where We Live), edited by Sara St. Antoine, ISBN 1-57131-653-1.

Update to version 1.1. (included in 1.1.1)

  • Page iv “cephalopod” changed to “gastropod”

Updates to version 1.0 (included in 1.1)

  • Unit I
    Page 45: Pleistocene Epoch range from 1.8 Million Years Ago to “8,000” (1.0) changed to “9,000” (1.1) years ago. Also Added source of Death Trap: Story of the La Brea Tar Pits.
  • Unit II
    Page 54: On Title Page: Audubon guide published in “2008” (1.0) changed to “2016” (1.1)
    Page 87: Table of Population of Native Americans year “1865” (1.0) changed to “1855” (1.1)
  • Unit IV

Average Annual Precipitation & Population Table on page 150

Sacramento population “502,778” (1.0) changed to “191,667” (1.1)
Santa Barbara Population “168,962” (1.0) changed to “158,768” (1.1)
Monterey Population “198,351” (1.0) changed to “22,618” (1.1)
Los Angeles Population “6,038,771” (1.0) changed to “2,479,015” (1.1)
San Diego Population “1,033,011” (1.0) changed to “573,224” (1.1)
Fresno Population “365,945” (1.0) changed to “133,929” (1.1)

Page 151

Question #7 Answer changed from “Eureka” (1.0) having the lowest population to “Monterey” (1.1)

Page 152
Question #9 Answer changed from Eureka had the “smallest” population (1.0) changed to Eureka had the “second smallest” population (1.1).

Question #10 Answer changed from Bakersfield had the “second smallest” population (1.0) changed to Bakersfield had the “third smallest” population (1.1)

Earth Party [Teacher Book]

Updates to version 1.0 (included in 1.2)

  • Link to digital copy of Review Memory Cards provided
  • Microscope updated to required
  • Super Quiz — Quiz B, question 14 answer updated to “amphibian.”