Unit 5

Hope Amidst Great Depression

Week 29
Day 2Jazz on Central Avenue video, Big Joe Turner Central Avenue video
Day 3Pismo Beach Monarch Grove video, Eastern Monarch lifecycle and migration video, Journey North website, Gray whale video
Day 4Creating a pollinator habitat website
Week 30
Day 2Mexican Revolution video
Day 3Phoenix Rising from its Ashes video
Week 31
Day 2Esperanza’s Journey Map link
Day 3Anza-Borrego Desert State Park video
Day 4Yarn doll video, Hibiscus punch video, How do seeds work? video, Planting a seed video
Week 32
Day 2California Citrus Rush video, Sunkist Family Farms video
Day 3Grasslands video
Week 33
Day 2More on the Okies video, Dust Bowl Blues song video, Mexican immigrants during the Depression LOC article. Current farmworker shortages video
Day 4What does it mean to immigrate? video
Week 34
Day 210 Steps to Citizenship booklet, Take a practice Civics Test
Day 4Facebook foxes article, LA River wildlife article, General article on urban wildlife by author Peter Alagona,
Week 35
Day 1Unit 5 online quiz
Day 3-4Mobile Culmination Project video
Week 36
Days 1-3Capitol Museum state activities, Capitol Museum Student Packet link, Artist Jo Mora bio link, Jo Mora art