Unit 4

California Jolted! The San Francisco Earthquake

Week 23
Day 1Precipitation and Population exercise
Day 2Librivox Mark Twain audio link (4:26-11:44), San Francisco, 1906 video, Present Day San Francisco video, San Francisco Harbor Porpoises video trailer
Day 41906 video (12 min.) link, Library of Congress films and videos, Library of Congress photos, Museum of San Francisco pictures
Week 24
Day 2Chinatown Then and Now video
Day 3Smokey the Bear Create-A-Story game
Day 4Project Sample gallery link
Week 25
Day 1Estuary video, estuary animation
Day 2Make Estuary project video TBD
Day 3Angel Island Immigration Station video #1, Angel Island Immigration Station video #2, Link to poetry on website
Week 26
Day 1Farallon Plate visualization
Day 2Rock Cycle video
Day 4Types of Faults project video, Hardness test website, Hardness test video, How to prepare for an earthquake website, Make an Emergency Survival kit
Week 27
Day 1Mono Lake brochure, Tufa Towers video
Day 3California Water Works brochure, Water resource overview video
Day 4Water Model project video
Week 28
Day 1What kids lost in Paradise Fire video, Create a Custom Fire Preparedness Plan website
Day 2Valises (short) video, Valises (long video) with Artist video
Day 3Unit 4 online quiz
Day 4Fire Prevention Tips website, Valises (long video) with Artist video