Unit 3

The Great Rush for Gold!

Week 15
Day 1Map link (view Part 1)
Day 2Map Reading skills video, Latitude and Longitude video
Day 3Rumsey maps video, David Rumsey Map Collection website
Day 4Make Treasure Map video
Week 16
Day 2Sea Journey to California video, Strait of Magellan video, Jack and Praiseworthy’s voyage map link (view Part 2)
Day 3Galapagos Islands video, UNESCO site, Galapagos Conservation Trust website
Week 17
Day 1Cut-Eye Higgins journey link (view Part 3)
Day 3California Digital Newspaper Collection website
Day 4Make a Covered Wagon video
Week 18
Day 3Women on the Gold Fields (Librivox audio book, 4:15 to 6:29), Cat Tom Quartz (Librivox audio book, 0-7:36)Interesting Sam Brannan video
Day 4Come to California Posters Image Gallery, Oh California! song video, Panning for Gold video, gold pan link
Week 19
Day 3Henry Cowell Redwoods video
Day 4What’s in a Pinecone? video, Different types of pinecones video, Pinecone lab video
Week 20
Day 1California Forever trailer, National Parks video, National Parks in California website, Extra: National Parks within California website
Day 2Life & Times of John Muir: John Muir biography (Part 1) video, John Muir biography (Part 2) video
Day 3Overview of Buffalo Soldiers and Charles Young video, Buffalo Soldier Speaks (Shelton Johnson) podcast
Day 4California Parks sample travel posters on Pinterest
Week 21
Day 1Biddy Mason story video
Day 2Charles F. Lummis house video
Day 3Boom and Bust Mark Twain audio link (0-4:15), Data: Population in California online exercise
Day 4A-Birding on a Bronco audio book (1:33-10:45), Birds: Thrasher calls, quail calls, warbling vireo calls
Week 22
Day 2The Comforts of the New Railroad audio (16:38-19:52 on Librivox), Charlie Brown railroad video, Railroad Map link
Day 3The Pony Express Mark Twain audio (0-4:44 on Librivox), Pony Express video
Day 4Unit 3 quiz link