Unit 1

Manzanita and Mammoths

Week 1
Day 2Mind Map How-to
Map IntroductionNat Geo Mapmaker, Google EarthParents must set-up login
Day 3California map
Day 4Channel Islands map, Channel Islands National Park video
Week 2
Timeline IntroductionTimetoast, Canva, SutoriParents must set-up login
Day 1Pygmy Mammoth Life and Times” video, Channel Islands NPS pygmy mammoth website
Day 3La Brea Tar Pits video overview, Animals found at the Tar Pits website, La Brea Tar Pits Museum Educational Resources website
Week 3
Day 2Video of San Nicolas Island, Animals of San Nicolas Island video versus tropical island of Kauai in Hawaii
Day 3Interactive Channel Islands Map, Kelp Forest webcam
Day 4Using salt in watercolor video
Week 4
Day 2Poetry overview video
Day 3Tidepools at Cabrillo Beach video and website
Day 4Coast and Islands Home Design video
Week 5
Day 3 and 4Plant Observation Collection video
Week 6
Day 1Language translation link, Department of the Interior Sea Otter facts website
Day 2How Tsunami’s work video
Day 4Native dogs, Karana’s island home video, Seven weeks in Santa Barbara video, a Barbareno elder’s family account of meeting the Lone Woman, Redwood box treasures video
Week 7
Day 1Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park video
Day 2Native Lands website, map with tribal groups
Day 3Native tribes overview (look under “specific American Indian tribes”) or California State Parks Indian Tribal Groups overview
Week 8
Day 1Chaparral and oak woodlands video, Indigenous fire practices article Links to more indigenous fire practice articles
Day 2The Cat That Changed America trailer (rent the feature-length movie), more on P-22’s story website
Day 3Pigeon-Post activity video
Day 4TBD Opening an Acorn video
Unit I AssessmentLink to online quiz