Isn’t It Fascinating?

Elementary Writing Class using IEW’s All Things Fun and Fascinating

Spring Semester (14 weeks); begins January 9

Tracy has been an excellent teacher for my daughter. The IEW curriculum and writing skills in this class was age- and grade-appropriate. We found the class pace was manageable, and the writing homework level was not overwhelming. Teacher Tracy masterfully kept the class on task yet personable by checking in with each student at the start of class. After intros and check in, they would focus on class work, usually ending with their favorite online game quizzes. She made learning the weekly vocabulary words fun for the students and kept them energized. She knows how to present and manage an online class well. Tracy also knows when to politely push the students and when to let them expand their skills slowly on their own. Her weekly homework or to-do lists were organized and timely. Overall, Teacher Tracy and the class format helped my daughter build confidence in her writing; she had a terrific online class experience.”

Dana V.

Parent of Beginning Writing student

Method over Madness

Here’s a course that will methodically teach your student how to write with style and structure!

Ages: Grades 4-6

Semester tuition: $385 ($50 discount for private pay*)

*Private Pay: Payable in 3 installments of $111.67

Class date and time: Wednesdays at 10 AM (75 minutes)

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Instructor: Tracy Yeoh

Spring Openings: Email the Registrar

SPRING SEMESTER: Since this is a year-long class, we take mid-year enrollment on a case by case basis. If you are interested in registering for Spring, please connect with the instructor, Tracy Yeoh, to explore adding your student in Spring.

Tracy has been kind, knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent IEW writing class guide. Her teaching style is reflected by the students success – they all seemed to really enjoy working with her and fellow classmates well. They all did very well with the material, due dates, and class collaborations.”

Dana V., parent of beginning writing student

Additional Information

  • Students who sign up for this class are committing to two semesters, fall and spring.
  • To hold a space in the class, families paying with charter school funds will need to leave a $25 deposit. The deposit is refundable subject to our refund policy.

Questions? Registration issues or questions for Tracy. Read more about Tracy.

Course Description

If you’re looking for a step-by-step writing class for your elementary student, this is the class for you!

Students will learn about engaging topics and receive lots of support as they learn the tools of writing and practice, practice, practice!  Using the Institute for Excellence in Writing’s (IEW) All Things Fun & Fascinating, they will write key word outlines, narratives, expository essays, and research reports and learn new tools like strong verbs and quality adjectives to make their writing more interesting.  Fun games will be incorporated to review vocabulary, grammar, and elements of style.  There will be plenty of opportunities for sharing our stories and workshopping our writing as we learn together.  This class is sure to be FUN and Fascinating with encouragement at all levels!

In the Spring semester we will cover topic sentences and clinchers and write a 3-paragraph report about amazing animals.  We will have fun writing from pictures, write a 3-paragraph report on people who changed the world, and do some creative writing.  If your child has some familiarity with the IEW elements of style, that will be helpful.  However, if you are looking for a class that will get your child writing and exercising their creativity in a supportive and caring community, this could be a good fit for you.  

Students will need to be able to complete assigned homework. This will include making outlines and typing one to three paragraphs each week in Google Classroom.  This is not a graded class, however, students will receive feedback and points for the assignments that they turn in.

Some fun topics we’ll write about

Class FAQs

Can we use California charter funds for this class?

  • Yes! See our Service Vendorship list for an up-to-date list of charters.
  • Purchase Order (PO) instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • A $25 deposit is required to hold a space for a student. The deposit will be refunded when the PO arrives, subject to our refund policy.
  • Is your charter missing from our list? Fill out this form to begin the process of adding your organization!

What are the required books and materials?

  • All Things Fun & Fascinating by Lori Verstegen (IEW store link)

Can you give me an idea of the types of assignments and the time required to complete coursework?

The time required for assignments will vary greatly by student, so a precise estimate would be difficult to give. Each week, learners will write 1-3 paragraphs, plus learn 3 vocabulary flash cards.

What type of parent support will be needed?

In these lower grades, we find that parental support in the form of organizing student assignments over several days and helping them in the writing process and/or proofreading as needed best facilitates a successful experience.  Students will need to be able to complete assigned homework. This will include making outlines and typing one to three paragraphs each week in Google Classroom.  This is not a graded class, however, students will receive feedback and points for the assignments that they turn in.

What tech platforms are required and used?

  • Online platform such as Zoom
  • Google Classroom
  • Google Login or Gmail for each enrolled student and parent Google account

What are the semester dates?

  • Fall Semester: September 5-December 13 [Thanksgiving Break, off November 20]
  • Spring Semester: January 9-April 17 [Spring Break, off March 25-29]

What are your registration and cancellation policies?

See this page for policies.

For more answers to your questions, see our Class FAQ page.

Spring Semester – 2024

For billing purposes, please request purchase orders using monthly interval price below (instead of the whole semester length).

  • Vendor: Christine Echeverri DBA Carrier Shell Curriculum
  • Instructor name
    • Tracy Yeoh
  • Class: Group tutoring – Beginning Writing online class
  • Start date: January 9, 2024
    • Semester end date: April 17, 2024
  • Duration of each lesson: 75 minutes
  • Frequency: once per week for 4 months (see schedule above)
  • Cost per month – Spring semester: $96.25 x 4 mos. (Jan.-Apr.)
    • Semester tuition: $385
  • Class link: