Earth Story: Spring 2024

Life on Our Amazing Planet

“Nature has to be connected to work, and our cooperation is essential to creating and maintaining those connections that will ensure wildlife has a future.”

Beth Pratt, from When Mountain Lions are neighbors
  • Has your student taken Earth Party Science?
  • Are you looking for a biology or life science class?
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Instructor: Christine Echeverri

Ages: Grades 4-7

Semester: Spring; 13 classes

Time: Wednesdays at 1 PM (75-90 minutes*)

Tuition: $360 ($50 discount for private pay*)

  • Private Pay: payable in 3 installments of $103.33
Spaces remaining: WAIT LIST
  • If you are interested in joining the wait list, please reach out and email Christine! We should know by 12/15 if there will be any spaces freed up due to any of our current Earth Party families not continuing.

Questions? Email Christine for registration or course questions. See a recent article about this class.

Course Description

This course is a companion and second part to the Earth Party Science class. After learning about all of life, big and small (in Earth Party), students will pivot in this class to explore WHERE life lives. We’ll consider major biomes such as the rainforest, tundra, arctic, desert, and grasslands — considering how life is different in each biome, and how each region creates a special place for organisms to thrive in a unique way they simply cannot, in any other place. As we explore places far away, there will also be a consideration of life right where students live: ecosystem connectivity, microecosystems, urban wildlife, other natural areas where life can be found in our cities and neighborhoods. We’ll read stories and see videos which chronicle efforts to increase biodiversity through habitat preservation and connectivity, in the face of often rampant urban development. This course will not be climate change downer, but rather a celebration of all of life, encouraging students to more closely notice and to be in awe of life.

To learn about global biomes, we’ll use several engaging resources (listed below), videos, and hear stories. Each session will have 55 minutes of content involving discussing the reading, videos, and other topics; the last 15-20 minutes will involve games, online research, and hands-on activities. This class will have weekly reading and independent work involving research, nature journaling, using an online block editor to find information on the biomes, and a fun final project component.

On Earth Party Science
“This is an amazing class! Ms. Christine sparked a deep enthusiasm in our 9-year old daughter for the “The Kingdoms of Life” especially the fungi kingdom! Thank you Ms. Christine for another wonderful class!”

Rania E., homeschool mom

Class FAQs

Do you accept California Charter School funds?

  • Yes, we do! See our Service Vendorship list for an up-to-date list of charters.
  • Purchase Order (PO) instructions below.
  • $25 deposit required to hold spot. This deposit will be refunded when the PO arrives, subject to our refund policy.
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Required Resources

What is the class schedule?

  • The class will begin January 10th and run through April 3rd (13 weeks)

What is the course workload?

  • Weekly: 90 minutes per week of reading (books listed above), developing visual “mood boards” (collections of images, text, and other resources explaining each biome), and written and/or other work.
  • Final Project: 1-4 hours, depending on project chosen.

What type of parental support will be needed?

  • Setting up Google login and email account for student (or sharing parent account with student)
  • Assisting student in checking weekly reading and other assignments posted to the online learning management system and creating a completion schedule
  • Helping student as needed in uploading photos or written work to the online classroom

I see that there is a time range*. Why is this?

If the class is on the smaller-end (5-6 students), it will end sooner. If the class ends up being closer to the maximum of 12 students, the additional 15 minutes will allow more time to complete projects and move the larger group through the material.

What platforms are required?

Zoom and an online learning management system (Google Login email or Gmail required)

Here is our cancellation and refund policy.

For more answers to your questions, see our Class FAQ page.


For billing purposes, please order in monthly increments.

  • Vendor: Christine Echeverri DBA Carrier Shell Curriculum
  • Instructor name: Christine Echeverri
  • Class: Group tutoring – Earth Story Science Online Class
  • Start date: January 10, 2024
    • End date: April 3, 2024
  • Duration of lesson: 75-90 minutes* [see time note above]
  • Frequency: once per week for 13 weeks, with holidays as stated above
  • Cost per month: $90 per month x 4 months (January-April)
    • Semester tuition: $360
  • Class link: