Earth Party Science: Spring 2022

I wish this class was twice a week or more!

Kinza, 4th grade
  • Do your kids love animals?
  • Are you looking for a biology or life science class?
  • Are you looking for courses with hands-on activities?
  • Do you have curious, self-starter kids that enjoy digging into their studies?

Instructor: Christine Echeverri

Ages: Grades 4-6

Spring Semester: February 2 – April 27 (12 classes)

Holiday week: April 6, Spring Break

Time: Wednesdays at 1 PM (75 minutes)

Tuition: $290 ($50 discount for private pay)

If privately paying, the price with the discount is $240. Click on payment link above or Venmo @Christine-Echeverri.

Charter funds:

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  • $25 deposit required to hold spot. Deposit will be refunded when PO arrives, subject to our refund policy.

Required Resources

  • Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (Amazon or available at libraries)
  • Tree of Life by Rochelle Strauss (Amazon or available at libraries)
  • Earth Party! Student Book (link)
  • Microscope, USB preferred (Link to an inexpensive one on Amazon. If student has a non-USB scope, no need to by another one.)
  • Modeling Clay Pack [link] — preferred (or Air Dry Clay — for students with some ceramics experience – link)
  • We sell a complete book pack in our store! (Note: the Teacher Book and Karl! Get Out of the Garden are not required for this course.)

An activities material list will be sent 1-week prior to each class

If your kids like to camp, beachcomb, hike, or visit an aquarium or zoo, they won’t want to miss this fun class! Christine Echeverri, author and publisher of Earth Party! unit study curriculum, will teach a semester-long class exploring the Linnaean system of classifying living things — single-celled life through the animal kingdom. During the course of the semester, students will be introduced to bacteria, fungi, plants, animals (vertebrates and invertebrates), and protists (algae, paramecium, etc).

Each session will have 55 minutes of content involving hearing stories (from Earth Party curriculum), watching videos, discussions, and looking at life forms; the last 15-20 minutes will involve games and hands-on activities. This class will have weekly reading and work, and a fun final project component. The culminating activity will be one of the Earth Party! Cross-Chapter Exploration projects, allowing students make one of ten multi-sensory project choices – or – a DIY project of the student’s own choosing.

Out-of-Class Workload:

  • Weekly: 40-60 minutes per week reading the Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia (several pages a week) and written and/or other work.
  • Final Project: 1-4 hours, depending on project chosen (projects can be more design-oriented, activity or field trip-oriented, or DIY).

Platforms: Live online course, using Zoom and Google Classroom (Google Login Email or Gmail required)



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