Online Class FAQs

What is needed to hold my student’s spot in a class?

Enrollment consists of two parts: A) Filling out the registration form B) Either paying in full or placing a deposit for the class (charter families). Once both of these parts are completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

I received an email invoice for payment or deposit for a class I registered for. Why is this?

To hold your student’s spot, both the registration form and payment/deposit must be completed. Unfortunately we are not able to hold a spot until both of these steps are completed.

How will I know when my student’s enrollment spot is secured?

After both the registration form and tuition/deposit are received, watch for an email confirming your student’s spot.

I see you have a variety of history and writing classes, some with overlapping age groups. What is the suggested order?

In homeschooling, we know it’s not uncommon for families to touch on subjects in grades different from public school. However, families often ask what order we recommend taking certain courses. For history, the order we suggest is (for California students): California Out of the Box (4th-5th grade state study), Early American History (5th-6th grade), and World History Out of Your Window (6th-7th grade). For writing, we suggest starting with Beginning Writing with Ms. Tracy (4th-5th grade IEW Level A), followed by Pages for the Middle Ages (5th-7th grade IEW Level B). If your student has already taken one of the beginning classes, but they are in a different age bracket than the particular course recommends, please reach out to the instructor and ask what they suggest.

I have looked at many pages on your site and still have questions. Is there a way I can speak to someone?

Yes! Please email this address with your phone number and we will call you back. We know sometimes there are questions that are unique to each family and we want to make sure you get answers to your questions.

Do you record your classes?

In the interest of having a truly socially cohesive environment where all students are in attendance, we do not record classes. However, we are happy to update students who miss class due to traveling, etc., about what was covered. Additionally, coursework will always be posted in Google Classroom.

Is it possible to sit in on a class on a trial basis?

Please email this address if you are interested and we can reach out to the instructor to explore your request.

We will be away for some time during the semester. Is it possible to prorate the class or join late?

Unfortunately we are not able to prorate the class if a student joins late or give a refund for time when the student is not in the class. We take longer absences on a case by case basis working with both the instructor and family to evaluate each student’s situation. Please email Christine with specific questions on this issue.

I do not see my charter on your Charters page. Are you open to adding new charters?

Yes! We are open to this, but we cannot guarantee we will be onboarded or that we will be able to agree to a charter’s terms. See this list for our most up to date list. While waiting for approval, families will need to leave a deposit to hold their space in a course. Families should be prepared to pay in full to remain in the course should the onboarding process take an extended amount of time or if we are not onboarded with the charter.

If I have 2 students in this age range, do I need to pay and enroll both?

Yes, our classes are active and engaging environments. Every student who attends class will need to be enrolled. Additionally, instructors review and look over work for each student.

We have joined one of your classes and after the first week we realized that we will need to drop it. What is your refund policy?

Our refund policy can be found on this page.

We are with a charter school and we paid the deposit over the summer. In September we realized that the time of the class will not work for our family, after all. Can we get a refund on the deposit?

See this page for more information on this situation.