California Art Club

Calling all artists!

[New class! For grades 3-6]

The details:

  • Once a month (second Wednesday each month at 4PM)
  • Art projects geared for a study of California history
  • Students will talk about art(ists) related to California, and then brainstorm their projects
  • Final projects showcase during May class

We are excited to announce our newest once a month class. This course is designed for artistic students in Ms. Christine’s California history online classes, other students using California Out of the Box or another California history curriculum, and others wanting a mixed media art class.

Once a month, we will meet online to show our work, hear about an artist, art principle, or a method, and brainstorm about our project for the next month. Students will create pieces on their own time prior to the next meeting.

What types of projects will students do?

  • Place Assemblage [Collage about a chosen California “place,” curating labels and objects]
  • Animal Landscapes [Painting or drawing favorite California animals, using landscape principles]
  • California Architecture: Design-A-California Building [Reflecting on California buildings by Greene & Greene, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Frank Gehry]
  • Commercial Product Design: California Fruit Labels and Packaging [Our last project as we read Esperanza Rising in California Out of the Box!]

Who is this class geared for?

This class is geared for students who independently express themselves creatively. Since art is Christine’s area of specialty, projects will be more geared to the visual arts: collage, painting, photography, etc. However, if students express themselves in writing, music or film, that also works. Students do not necessarily have to do the exact project for the next month, but we will explore art within an exploration of California. For example, if a student likes to build models of trains, the only limitation would be to explore “California” trains.

When are sessions and what is the cost?

January 13
February 10
March 10
April 14
May 12

Cost: $90 private pay (5 sessions), $125 using charter funds (see below)

The classes will be the second Wednesday each month at 4PM. If you are not able to do all sessions, let us know; we can work with you. Depending on class size, the sessions will go 60-75 minutes.

Reminders will be sent the week before about class meeting. In May we will have a project showcase, where students will show their work. All students who participated are invited.

Families can private pay through Venmo or Square. If you want to pay through Square (credit or debit), we will send a link. See information below about using Charter funds.

What is the workflow?

Each month, after the class session, students should sign-up for what they might do on a community, editable spreadsheet. (This helps students to plan for their project and consider their materials.) We will use Google Classroom to post projects and message each other. Then, students will execute their project for that month. They may show their project on Zoom video; however, camera quality is sometimes not as good. Submitting photos of pieces on Google Classroom is ideal, as often the exposure is better. There will be no points. This one’s is for the fun of it!

How does this class fit in with the history class?

Many of the projects will break out elements of California such as landscapes, animal life, plants, travel, architecture, and transportation — within California. This course is designed to be a companion to the California Out of the Box class and curriculum.

Do you take charter funds for this class?

Yes. Participants will need to sign-on for all 5 sessions. The total, using charter funds, is $125 for 5 classes (lump sum for January-May); price includes Home School Coaches $35 processing fee. Please look at Home School Coaches site to see if your charter is signed on with them.

Does my student need particular materials?

Christine will show some principles and a variety of ways to execute the demonstrated project in class, but it will not be a “How-to” material-specific class. In order for students to have the most freedom, this is our approach. As long as your student has access to: a camera, drawing materials (pencils, chalk, or charcoal), paint (watercolor, acrylic, or tempera), paper, glue or glue gun, found materials like boxes, etc, you are good to go. If you have a super-independent student, no doubt they have their own thing. (You’ll know it!) Ms. Christine will send out an email 1 week prior about what the project is for the next class, so any materials can be procured for that month’s project. Students will have one month to create their project.

More Information About Christine

To get an idea of Christine’s style, visit her Instagram @christineecheverri_art. Her specialty is oil painting and collage/assemblage; she dabbles in film.