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Fall Semester (13 classes)

Begins the week of September 3

“The way that Christine Echeverri designed the curriculum was exceptional, because it had many different components which all fit together and kept things interesting.”

Anna Montgomery, homeschool parent; Read more REviews
  • Are you interested in an out of the box education for your homeschool student?
  • Does your student respond to creative, multi-dimensional projects?
  • Have you touched upon world history already but are looking for review?
  • Are you planning to travel within the US or abroad?

Join author and artist Christine Echeverri for this unique literature approach class that will marry history, art, and engineering.

Instructor: Christine Echeverri

Ages: Grades 6-8

Sections (90 minutes)

  • Wednesdays, 10:30-12
  • Thursdays, 1-2:30

Semester Tuition: $390 ($50 discount for private pay*)

*Private Pay: Payable in a lump sum or 3 semester installments.

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Please note, the 13th class meeting will be on Friday, September 6, at either 10:30am or 1pm. Students are free to join the time that is most convenient for them. This will be the only Friday class meeting.
  • Wednesdays (4 spaces remaining)
  • Thursdays (10 spaces remaining)

Other Information

  • Students who sign up for this class are committing to two semesters, fall and spring.
  • To hold a spot, families intending to pay with charter school funds must leave a $25 deposit. The deposit is refundable subject to our refund policy.

Course Description

Prehistory through the Ancient Times

“‘Ruskin said: ‘Great nations write their autobiographies in three manuscripts, the book of their deeds, the book of their words and the book of their art. Not one of these books can be understood unless we read the two others, but of the three the only trustworthy one is the last.”

On the whole I think this is true. If I had to say which one was telling the truth about society, a speech by a minister of housing or the actual buildings put up in his time, I should believe the buildings.'”

Kenneth Clark

Join us for a year-long study of ancient world history, using a living books approach. We will use History Quest and a few literature books to allow us to travel back in time, seeing life in a variety of historical periods. We will begin in prehistory, when people embellished the structures of their day — large rocks and caves — with complex polychromatic paintings that one can visit even now. Along the way, we will explore major world monuments such as the pyramids at Giza, Colosseum, Pantheon, Acropolis, Sanchi Buddhist Stupa in India, Great Wall of China, and other major structures. We will ask questions such as “Where did they get their materials from, to create this particular monument?” “What technology allowed them to build as tall as they did?” “Using what we have learned about symbolic visual language (crosses, Star of David, etc), how does a particular building speak to us?” Then — we will explore what each building has to tell us, while exploring art, technology, world religions, and engineering concepts firsthand. Through the use of materials like clay, drawing media, paper art, and digital design programs, we will explore how various cultures have built structures that are indeed – larger than life.

In class — we will cover reading comprehension, review, looking more closely at one or two monuments each week, hands-on building activities, and games. We will occasionally have online grammar review exercises, just to refresh grammar rules.  Using a digital learning management system — reading, projects, timeline entries, hands-on activities, and other resources will be posted.

Questions? Registration issues, or questions for Christine? Read reviews about this class.

Class FAQs

Do you take California charter school funds?

  • Yes, we do! See our Service Vendorship list for an up-to-date list of charters.
  • Purchase Order (PO) instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • A $25 deposit is required to hold an enrollment spot. The deposit will be refunded when the PO arrives, subject to our refund policy.
  • Don’t see your charter on the list? Fill out this form to begin the process of adding your organization.

What civilizations will be covered in the year of study?

  • Paleolithic and Neolithic times
  • Ancient Sumer
  • Egypt
  • Olmecs
  • Hebrews and Babylonians
  • Greece
  • Early China and India
  • Roman Republic and Empire
  • Arabia

My student is using another history curriculum at home and/or enrolled in a hybrid program with history. Your class sounds interesting and we’d love to enroll in this class too. Do you advise two history classes?

We do not suggest double-booking your middle school student in 2 history programs, even if one is a curriculum you are doing together at home. Additionally, if your student is enrolled in a hybrid program that contains a history component, we advise against enrolling in this class. In our experience, this overlap can create burnout for both the student and the family; we suggest waiting until such a time when your student has space in their schedule to accommodate the class.

What is the workload for this class?

Being a middle school class, the outside-of-class workload will be about 3 hours per week. Most weeks, students will read about 40 pages in History Quest, plus reading from other sources. (History Quest is available as an audiobook as well.) To learn about architecture, students will read from the Architecture book by Glancey. Also, we will build online timelines, explore architecture around where we live, and historical figures, and explore myths and legends and belief systems in the civilizations we cover.

This class covers a wide range. How do you challenge students at each level?

This year we are pleased to add 8th grade to the line-up! In grades 6-7, students will work towards expressing themselves with the goal of longer writing in the second half of the year, with more correct vocabulary/grammar usage. Students in 8th grade will write at a higher level with a more advanced level of discourse on the topics, preparing them for high school.

This class used to cover both ancient times and middle times in one year.  Why have you adjusted the flow?

As we have taught this class for two and a half years now, we felt that slowing the material down and including more information on historical figures, myths and legends, and belief systems would make this an even stronger class—allowing students to see each period from a multitude of angles. Next year a course covering the Middle Times will be offered; these two courses may be taken in order or out of sequence.

What parent support will be needed?

  • Assist student in logging into learning management system (Canvas or Google Classroom) and monitoring weekly assignments
  • Help student to create a weekly schedule to complete assignments
  • Assist student uploading work or photos to learning management system (Google Classroom or Canvas)

What are the required books and materials?

What tech platforms are required and used?

  • Online platform such as Zoom/Google Meets
  • Google Classroom [Google Login or Gmail for each enrolled student is required and a parent Google account is recommended]
    • Note: GC will not work properly without a Google Login
    • If siblings enroll, each student will need a unique login for the LMS
    • Work must be submitted via Google Classroom
  • Computer mouse (helpful with games, etc.)
  • Google Docs
  • Google Slides
  • Digital design program like Procreate, Minecraft,, Tinkercad, Sketch-up, or any other CAD program (sketchbook can be used in lieu of these)
  • Game platforms: GimKit, Kahoot
  • Others websites or apps: Youtube, Sutori

What are the semester dates?

  • Fall semester (13 classes): Week of September 2 – week of December 2 [Off Weeks:  October 14 and Thanksgiving week (Nov 25)]
    • Additional day: Friday, September 6, 10:30am or 1pm
  • Spring semester (13 weeks): Week of January 13 – week of April 24 [Off weeks: Feb 17, Spring Break – March 31-April 4]

What are your registration and cancellation policies?

See this page for policies.

For more answers to your questions, see our Class FAQ page.

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  • Vendor: Christine Echeverri DBA Carrier Shell Curriculum
  • Instructor name
    • Christine Echeverri
  • Class: Group tutoring – World History Through Architecture online class
  • Start date: September 3, 2024
    • Semester end date: December 6, 2024
  • Duration of each lesson: 90 minutes
  • Frequency: once per week for 4 months
  • Cost per month – Fall semester: $97.50 x 4 mos. (Sep.-Dec.)
    • Semester tuition: $390
  • Class link:

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