California Out of the Box (2024-25)

Fall: Native Peoples, Missions, and Ranchos (14 weeks; September-December)

“For a parent who didn’t want to take on California History, Carrier Shell offered this beautiful class that allowed me to support their learning and discuss with them (outside of class time) what they enjoyed and facilitate field trips.”

Jen T., Parent in Ms. Tracy’s California Out of the BoX; Read more reviews
  • Do you have a 4th grader?
  • Are you looking for a California history class?
  • Have you visited California state or national parks or the California missions?
  • Are you looking for a positive community for your child to grow with as they explore California history?
  • If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, this class is just for your student!

Ages: Grades 4-5

Semester Tuition: $405 ($50 discount for private pay*)

  • *Private Pay: payable in a lump sum or 3 installments per semester
  • Fall semester is 14 weeks
  • Spring semester is 15 weeks
  • Both semesters are the SAME price

Class length: 75 minutes (60 minutes content, 15 minutes games/activities)

Fall Semester: Register Now!

Instructor: Tracy Yeoh

Fall openings

  • Maximum of 12 students per section

A NOTE ON THE WAIT LIST: If a wait listed class is the only time that will work for you, we encourage you to email us for instructions on joining the wait list! Occasionally spaces open up; sometimes we have a family that decides they will need to switch sections or drop the class.

Registration notes

  • Students who sign up for this class are committing to two semesters, fall and spring.
  • To hold a space in the class, families paying with charter school funds must leave a $25 deposit. The deposit is refundable subject to our refund policy.

Questions? Please email the registrar for questions regarding registration or payment. Please email Ms. Tracy with questions pertaining to your student or the class content. Learn more about Ms. Tracy; read reviews about her classes.

Course Description

Join us for a year-long, two-semester course that begins with the Native American peoples and discusses the impact of European exploration, the Catholic missions of New Spain, the Gold Rush, and California statehood. We continue our exploration of California’s development through the Pony Express, the transcontinental railroad, and the San Francisco earthquake while looking at the immigrant experience through the 1930s.  Throughout our study, we will explore several habitats, animals and plants that help us appreciate the flora and fauna of California.

Using the California Out of the Box curriculum authored by Christine Echeverri, students will employ a cross-disciplinary, multi-sensory approach that is sure to engage young students. 

In class we will discuss the five literature books that we will read throughout the year and engage with topics of study through slides, videos, and hands-on projects with lots of opportunities for creativity. 

Using Google Classroom, reading and assignments involving research, writing, illustrations, slide presentations, and hands-on activities will be posted.

See this blog article for more project samples!

Class FAQs

Can we use California charter funds for this class?

  • Yes! See our Service Vendorship list for an up-to-date list of charters.
  • Purchase Order (PO) instructions can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • A $25 deposit is required to a hold space in the class. The deposit will be refunded when the PO arrives, subject to our refund policy.
  • If your charter is not on our list, please fill out this form!

What are the required books and materials?

Please note: the required books for this course are different than the standalone curriculum; they are a subset of the Core Pack. (The California Collage reader and the Student Book are not required for this class.)
Enrolled families will receive a Promo Coupon for savings in our store when purchasing the literature books.
Required books (fall + spring semester)

All books are available as a pack for purchase using private pay and charter school funds. Watch for a link to purchase and to get PO pricing.

How will students learn the material?

Sample Project Video

Using online platforms, we will utilize the following modes of learning:

  • In-class discussions
  • Hands-on Project Videos: Use common materials in the home to explore and interact with the material
  • Games! For reading comprehension and learning other fun facts
  • Short stories and worksheets from the Student Book
  • Video links to deepen learning

What type of parental support will be needed?

  • Setting up Google login and email account for student (parents may share their account with student)
  • Assisting student in checking email daily and monitor work summaries sent during semester
  • Helping student as needed to upload photos of work to Google Classroom

Can you describe what the estimated weekly work looks like?

Each week there are approximately 40 pages of reading in a historical fiction book, a drawing assignment, and sometimes a writing assignment composed of 3-5 sentences that may include independent research using resources provided.

What tech platforms are required and used?

  • Online platform such as Zoom
  • Google Classroom
  • Google login or Gmail for each enrolled student and parent Google account

What is the semester schedule?

  • Fall semester [Thanksgiving break: Nov. 25-29]:
    • Tuesdays: Sept 3 – Dec 10
    • Thursdays: Sept 5 – Dec 12
  • Spring semester [Spring break: April 14-18]:
    • Tuesdays: January 14 – April 29
    • Thursdays: January 16 – May 1

What are your registration and cancellation policies?

See this page for policies.

For more answers to your questions, see our Class FAQ page.

Fall Semester PO Instructions – 2024

For billing purposes, please request purchase orders using monthly interval price below (instead of the whole semester length).

  • Vendor: Christine Echeverri DBA Carrier Shell Curriculum
  • Instructor name
    • Tracy Yeoh (Tuesday 10AM, Thursday 10AM)
  • Class: Group tutoring – California Out of the Box online history class
  • Start date: September 3, 2024
    • Semester end date: December 12, 2024
  • Duration of each lesson: 75 minutes
  • Frequency: once per week for 4 months (see schedule above)
  • Cost per month – Fall semester: $101.25 x 4 mos. (Sept-Dec)
    • Semester tuition: $405
  • Class link: