Policies for Online Classes

All policies on this page will govern classes for the 2024-25 school year (unless stated otherwise on the course page).  These policies apply for all new classes families add, as well as if sections of the same class are switched to a different day or time.

Here are the policies for 2023-24 classes.



  • Up to 7 days before the first class begins: 100% refund MINUS cancellation fee of $25 per class per student.
  • Between 7 days prior to the beginning of the first class meeting and up to the start of the second class meeting: 75% of tuition refunded, MINUS the $25 cancellation fee per class per student.
  • After the start of the second class meeting: No refunds given.
  • No refunds are given for discipline-related issues.
  • Should a family using a PO cancel course enrollment, the Purchase Order will be billed to the charter subject to this refund/cancellation policy.
  • To give notice of cancellation, please email classes@carriershellcurriculum.com.

NEW! Spring 2025: the lump sum or first installment in private pay course tuition for spring classes is due Sunday, December 1, 2024. Lump sum invoices will be emailed in November; payment installment invoices will continue to arrive each month through February 2025 (see schedule at the bottom of this page). To hold a course enrollment space, spring payment will need to be received by this deadline.


The tuition price is listed. Classes may offer a discount for families that pay privately.


Please read our Class FAQ page.



Purchase Order instructions can be found at the bottom of each class description page.

Fall 2024: Due to stipulations from charter schools surrounding the usage of Purchase Orders (POs), POs must be received by 1-week prior to the first class meeting. If they are not received by this time, we will let you know and you will need to pay privately to remain in the course.

NEW! Spring 2025: the PO and private pay course payment deadline is Sunday, December 1, 2024. To hold course enrollment, all spring POs need to be received by this deadline.


A deposit is required to hold an enrollment spot for families paying with charter funds. As long the family is enrolled and in good standing, the deposit will be refunded when the Purchase Order is received. If a family drops the class prior to a Purchase Order being put in place, the deposit will not be refunded.

Please CAREFULLY read our CLASS REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY above. Purchase Orders for cancelled or dropped classes will be billed subject to the cancellation policies above.


The student’s family is ultimately the responsible party for tuition.

If a family leaves their charter at any point, and/or the charter does not pay tuition, the family is responsible for any unpaid balances — including balances created by cancelled POs. If a charter school will not pay fees associated with course cancellation (as outlined in cancellation policy above), the family is responsible for fees associated with dropping a class.


Our class fees are per specified duration (number of weeks, semester, etc). They are not month-to-month, unless specified.


Follow this link to view our AI and Plagiarism Policy.


Here are other policies that govern our classes.


  1. Enrollment: 1st payment charged
  2. October 1:  2nd payment (fall tuition) due
  3. November 1: 3rd payment (fall tuition) due
  4. November 30: Last day to drop a spring class without penalty* [email classes@carriershellcurriculum.com]
  5. December 1: 1st spring payment due
  6. January 1: 2nd spring payment due
  7. February 1: 3rd and final spring payment due


  • * If electing to pay in installments and using the “card on file” option, your card will be automatically charged. If you intend to drop a spring semester course, to avoid cancellation fees, classes must be dropped by the deadline above.
  • For your student to continue to attend class, payment must be current.
  • If for some reason a student drops the class, the family is responsible for payment in full of semester fees, subject to the refund schedule above. Paying in installments does not absolve families from the responsibility of payment of semester tuition.


If any part of this contract is found to be invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the contract will remain in place.