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Specialists can view our Literature Books page to explore prices for curriculum plus literature box combinations. Please e-mail completed PO to info@carriershellcurriulum; we will ship product out and invoice your charter.

Scope and Sequence Documents

Service Vendorships

  • iLead
  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • South Sutter
  • Ocean Grove
  • Sky Mountain

ADDING CHARTERS: To add new SERVICE VENDORSHIPS, we look for a few families from the charter who want to enroll in our classes before submitting an application.

Product Vendorships

  • iLead
  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Cabrillo Point Academy
  • The Cottonwood School
  • Ocean Grove
  • Sky Mountain
  • South Sutter
  • Compass
  • Peak Preparatory
  • Horizon
  • Yosemite Valley
  • Pacific Coast Academy
  • Summit Academy
  • Connecting Waters Charter Schools
  • EPIC
  • Granite Mountain

Don’t see your charter listed? Request us as a PRODUCT VENDOR and we will be happy to do what is required!

Product Information

California Out of the Box (spiral-bound), $38.95 (plus tax, $4.25 for shipping*)

* Shipping is slightly higher than 10% of book cost as books are shipped in a sturdy cardboard box

Earth Party Information

Earth Party Combo Pack (Teacher’s Book + Student Book) is $49.00.
Earth Party!

Earth Party! Teacher’s Book, $29.50

earth party curriculum

Earth Party! Student Book, $19.50

Prices are subject to change.