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Service Vendorships (Classes)

  • All of our classes and curriculum are non-sectarian
  • We background check our instructors with the Department of Justice
  • Here is our Harassment Policy

2023-24 Vendorships

Vendor Departments: For all classes listed on this site, all NEW onboarding communications should be emailed to Christine Echeverri at; onboarding requests and information should never be sent to an instructor’s email address.

  • Pacific Charter Institute (Rio Valley, Heritage Peak, Sutter Peak, Valley View)
  • Visions in Education
  • Excel Academy
  • Sequoia Grove Charter Schools (Clarksville Charter School, Lake View Charter School, Feather River Charter School)
  • Heartland
  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Compass
  • The Cottonwood School
  • South Sutter
  • Ocean Grove
  • Sky Mountain
  • iLead
  • Granite Mountain – NEW!
  • Cabrillo Point Academy – NEW!
  • Mission Vista – NEW!
  • Pacific Coast Academy (in progress)

A quick note on onboarding: New requests must be initiated by completing the Request Form. The requirements for vendors change over time, and we cannot guarantee we will continue with charters each year; it must be an acceptable arrangement for both parties. Additionally, the initial onboarding process can take 1-2 months from start to finish. Families will need to reach out to their organizations to request us as a vendor and may also need to follow-up with their vendor department during the process to inquire about any delays.

Product Vendorships (Curriculum and Books)

  • iLead
  • Compass Charter School
  • Blue Ridge Academy
  • Cabrillo Point Academy
  • The Cottonwood School
  • Ocean Grove
  • Sky Mountain
  • South Sutter
  • Peak Preparatory
  • Horizon
  • Yosemite Valley
  • Pacific Coast Academy
  • Summit Academy
  • Connecting Waters Charter Schools
  • EPIC
  • Excel Academy Charter School
  • Granite Mountain
  • Sequoia Grove Charter Schools (Clarksville, Feather River, & Lake View Charter Schools)

Don’t see your charter listed? Request us as a PRODUCT VENDOR and we will be happy to do what is required!


The revised version of California Out of the Box will be available in summer 2024! Click here to be notified when it’s live.

Product Purchase Orders

Specialists can view our Literature Books page to explore prices for curriculum plus literature box combinations. Please e-mail completed PO to info@carriershellcurriulum; we will ship the product out and invoice your charter. 

Refund and Cancellation Policies

View our PRODUCT (scroll to the bottom of the page) and SERVICE/CLASS refund and cancellation policies.

Scope and Sequence Documents

Product Information

California Out of the Box

California Out of the Box will be available in summer 2024!

Earth Party!

Earth Party Combo Pack (Teacher’s Book + Student Book) is $49.00.
Earth Party!

Earth Party! Teacher’s Book, $29.50

Earth Party! Student Book, $19.50

earth party curriculum

Prices are subject to change.