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The Homeschool Journey

Imagine you are living in the 16th century and like mariners of long ago, the vessel that’s available to you for traveling the farthest destinations – a boat.  No doubt you can visualize this as you have read of the journeys of pioneering seafarers like Columbus, Cabrillo, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Magellan, and countless others.  In order to get to truly new places, these imperfect wanderers outfitted their ships with all the provisions they would need for a long time.  They crossed rough seas with imprecise maps.  Storms struck and every now and then overwhelmed their ships.

The educational journey, if we are honest with ourselves as homeschooling parents, is also unpredictable and uncertain.  There is no exact map for how to teach your children, only numerous possibilities.  This is why we are here for you at Carrier Shell – to be guides for the journey.  We are like a rudder on a ship, guiding your student, never pronouncing a final end to the voyage; that is for you and your student to decide.

Our Carrier Shell Class logo portrays books as boats echoing the approach in our classes using story as a vehicle to convey information we are passionate about.  Literature is used to provide an age-appropriate context that situates learning within a narrative that reconnects people, places, the natural world, and time.  Courses with hands-on projects enhance engagement with the material so the end result is discovery and true enlightenment.  What breathtaking place might your learner discover?  We welcome your student and your family to join us aboard an epic journey to a new world!

NEW! 2024-25 School Year

Join us on the journey