Ms. Yunju’s Reviews

On Ms.Yunju’s Teaching

“Yunju brought both the lessons and discussions to life…”

Jenny V., homeschool parent

On Ms. Yunju’s teaching:

“My son took Yunju’s Lost Tools of Writing class last year as an 8th grader and so enjoyed his experience. The class was discussion-based, as the curriculum was intended to teach students to think deeply about the novels they read together before developing thorough persuasive essays. Yunju brought both the lessons and discussions to life, encouraging the class to share their thoughts, practice their skills and learn from each other. She was always prepared and managed the large class well, balancing big opinions and timid responses with grace. I’ve known Yunju as both a teacher and friend for many years and have always been impressed with her passion for homeschooling and learning in general, as she is a lifelong learner herself.”

Jenny V., homeschool parent

On Earth Party Biology

“This was one of the best science classes that I have seen. It incorporates hands-on work, while being solid at the same time.”

Ayat, homeschool mom

“I wish this class was twice a week or more!”

Kinza, 4th grade