Yunju Ray

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Independent Online Instructor

She is looking forward to teaching Earth Party…digging deep into the study of nature with young learners!

Yunju Ray is a proud homeschooling mom of two girls and lives in Southern California with her loving family. Although she loves sunny California, she often misses the vibrant colors of the four seasons in her home country, South Korea. Before she moved to the United States, she received a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language and Literature from Han Yang University. Upon graduation, she tried out various occupations including teaching at a private high school. But she quickly realized that she has a deep desire to explore the world, which led her to pursue a higher education. In the United States, she received a Master’s Degree in Museum Studies and worked as a museum educator in Los Angeles over the following years. To her, museums are the best place to explore the world, old and new, near and far! She never imagined that she would someday be a homeschooling mom. Now she can proudly say that homeschooling her children is the best “job” she ever had. With her passion in education, she currently co-directs a homeschool co-op and teaches international students online. She also loves binge-watching the Great Courses whenever possible. Yunju Ray is a nature lover. In nature, she feels peace, joy, and wonder. She is looking forward to teaching Earth Party in the fall, digging deep into the study of nature with wonderful young learners.