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California Out of the Box

“Robust, Creative, and Hands-On”

Paola Y., california Out of the Box Parent

This class is — “Outstanding, interesting, engaging!”

My 10 year old son absolutely loves CA History Out of the Box. He looks forward to class every week. This is a wonderful curriculum with easy to manage weekly assignments and a fabulous book list. I love that this class promotes reading great books. My son said his two favorite books from this class are By the Great Horn Spoon and Valley of the Moon: Diary of Maria Rosalia de Milagros. He could not put these two books down. His favorite projects were making fry bread and homemade tortillas (recipes included). Another great thing about this class is the different choices students have for weekly assignments. It really takes the pressure off of the parents. I can’t think of a better way to learn California history from home.

Gail, Parent in Ms. Tracy’s california Out of the box

“We are taking the California History Class right now and we absolutely love it! Such a fun and engaging class. We look forward to it every week.”

Angela R., Homeschool parent

“We most enjoyed the projects and assignments that went beyond workbooks and worksheets. The kids look forward to their class time on zoom with Ms. Tracy and their classmates, and take the effort to complete their assignments and even some extra credit assignments because they were fun and interested them. For a parent who didn’t want to take on California History, Carrier Shell offered this beautiful class that allowed me to support their learning and discuss with them (outside of class time) what they enjoyed and facilitate field trips. As a family, we went to visit the Chumash cave paintings, several national parks in California, Santa Barbara Mission, and other state parks and beaches that connected to so much of what the kids learned in class. The six books read in class were eye opening, engaging, and the kids were always reading ahead of the class. As a parent, I deeply appreciated all the positive encouragement Ms. Tracy had for her students, her feedback on their assignments, her class activities and discussions, and her consistency and leadership of the class. She is accessible and responsive, and her teaching this class have also helped grown my kids in personal responsibility (completing their assignments on time and turning them in), excellence (doing things assigned to them well) and diligence (working w great effort) in their own work.

Thank you so much, Ms. Tracy, for your hard work and help with teaching the kids more about their own home state. We look forward to more classes in the future with you and Carrier Shell!” 

Jen T.

Parent in Ms. Tracy’s California Out of the Box

“I just wanted to drop a note of thanks and let you know how much I appreciate your class! It’s been a really excellent experience for my son – exactly the kind of history class we were looking for!”

Rania, Mom of a 4th grade boy in Ms. Tracy’s class

Writing to Discover: Elementary Writing

Tracy has been kind, knowledgeable, patient, and an excellent IEW writing class guide. Her teaching style is reflected by the students’ success – they all seemed to really enjoy working with her and fellow classmates as well.

Dana V, Beginning Writing Parent

Tracy has been an excellent teacher for my daughter. The IEW curriculum and writing skills in this class was age- and grade-appropriate. We found the class pace was manageable, and the writing homework level was not overwhelming. Teacher Tracy masterfully kept the class on task yet personable by checking in with each student at the start of class. After intros and check in, they would focus on class work, usually ending with their favorite online game quizzes. She made learning the weekly vocabulary words fun for the students and kept them energized. She knows how to present and manage an online class well. Tracy also knows when to politely push the students and when to let them expand their skills slowly on their own. Her weekly homework or to-do lists were organized and timely. Overall, Teacher Tracy and the class format helped my daughter build confidence in her writing; she had a terrific online class experience.

Dana V.

Parent of Beginning Writing student