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Mom, teacher, aspiring librarian, scientist

I love history and maps and would love to share this passion with your children.      

As I homeschooled my twin girls through their middle-grade years, I discovered the delight and educational value of historical fiction.  We all want our children’s studies to have lasting impact.  What would a young student of history most likely remember – the date and text of the Indian Removal Act, or the story of a loving Native American family forced to relocate from their traditional homelands?  Story is important.  That is why I have spent a lot of time reading and evaluating historical fiction for young readers and have created a database of these stories.   I use this database to choose the very best in historical fiction for my classes.  

With a background in physics, I have always had an appreciation for the relationship between time and space.  I believe any study of history should be accompanied by a study of geography.  In other words, where things happen are as important as when they happened (and how, why and who, of course!)  To this end I incorporate map work and geography lessons in my classes. 

I am in the process of developing a website featuring my searchable database of historical fiction.  I hope this will become a valuable resource for the homeschooling community, teachers and history buffs.  Check it out at TheAntiqueBookcase.comI love history and maps and would love to share this passion with your children.             

My own educational achievements are a PhD in physics and a BA in German literature.  I have volunteered as a school program docent at a local museum and with Reading Partners, helping to improve literacy for struggling students.  In addition to teaching and reviewing books for my website, I love hiking, cooking, traveling, horses and spending time with my family.

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