Mr. Herwig’s Reviews

The class is:
“Engaging, fun, and comprehensive”

– N. Mecum, Homeschool Parent

My son (age 10) took Early American History with Mr. John Herwig for both semesters, and it has been “so” much fun witnessing the enthusiasm and learning that this class has inspired. Mr. Herwig is currently in college studying history, and so he brings a wealth of current knowledge and a passion for the subject. In Early American History, my son has read books, historical articles, has participated in many engaging class discussions, had short quizzes & fun game-based quizzes, and he has worked on hands-on projects at home as well as worked on a historical timeline of everything learned. This class has inspired my son to go further and read more on his own. I think he has become somewhat of an early American history buff! He has found a new love in history. If anything, I wish Mr. Herwig offered more classes for more advanced levels! This class has also made homeschooling easier for me with the use of Google Classroom; everything is very organized and easily accessible for both student and parent.

N. Mecum

Homeschool Parent

On our Early American History Classes (in General)

“The class is amazing, jam-packed with great facts and information on American history. The class offers a great selection of literature titles that offer an opportunity to examine American history from a different perspective. My daughter and I have learned so much!

– Rania E., homeschool mom