John Herwig

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Independent Online Instructor

My hope at the end of this class is that students will have a clear and joyful understanding of America’s great journey from its profound discovery to its declaration of freedom and liberty for all.

John is currently attending Providence Christian College in Pasadena California, and is majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and History. Ever since first grade, he has been homeschooled, enjoying the flexibility and responsibility that it offered. Once middle school rolled around, John was introduced to 20th-century military history. His love for the subject has continued ever since, reading several history books on top of his studies. Now in college, John is currently part of a scholars program that goes through ancient Western literature, political philosophy, as well as ancient ethics and civilizations. John loves to read and share his knowledge with others. His passion for history, and for homeschooling families, sparks a joy of learning alongside his students, and an eagerness to share and teach about how history impacts the way we live and think today. 

Besides his love for history, John loves watching good films, as well as building high-end Lego sets. He also enjoys martial arts, earning his first-degree black belt in the Fall of 2022. John also loves playing piano, specifically movie soundtracks.