Ms. Chenning’s Reviews

Writers of the Lost Art: Crafting Persuasion

“Chenning is such a nurturing teacher who genuinely loves to see her students grow and become a competent writer.  Persuasive writing was not my daughter’s strength, so she took this class this year. Chenning thoroughly explained the canons of classical composition step by step, and patiently guided the students through the discussion prompts and writing assignments. I love that she is always intentional in engaging and encouraging everyone to contribute in discussions, and quick in affirming her students on writing improvements.  We would love to return to take her other classes again!”

Cathy L., homeschooling mom 

My daughter has been taking this advanced writing class with Mrs. Chenning this year and I am very impressed with both the curriculum and her teaching. Lost Tools of Writing is a solid writing program that has taught my daughter to expand her critical thinking as she writes. She has enjoyed the selection of rich classic literature books that Mrs. Chenning has chosen to teach writing lessons and persuasive essays. Thanks to the expertise of such a caring, encouraging, and supportive Mrs. Chenning, my daughter is growing as a writer and refining her voice!

Sandra E., homeschooling mom 

Intermediate Writing

“After taking intermediate writing, my daughters’ writing skills as well as grammar have improved, and they are so much more confident with writing five paragraph essays.  I can tell how much time and effort Chenning puts in to make the class engaging, fun, and productive!”

Sujin C., homeschool mom of former students

Scholarly, fascinating and gratifying!  Chenning’s depth of content knowledge combined with her care for the children sets this class apart.” 

Joyce H., homeschooling mom of a former student