Ms. Christine’s Reviews

World History Out of Your Window

After finishing the last week of ‘World History Out of Your Window,’ my son Julian was genuinely sad. There were even some tears….He enjoyed the pace, the reading, the writing assignments, and the projects that they did while in class. The way that Christine Echeverri designed the curriculum was exceptional, because it had many different components which all fit together and kept things interesting. Julian was introduced to many new ideas and given an appreciation for all the fascinating and inspiring architecture around the world.”

Anna Montgomery, homeschool parent

“The course ‘World History through Architecture’ is a unique way of looking at the world history. It didn’t just draw the attention of the students to the enchanting beauty of the ancient structures but also made my daughter imagine the history happening by looking at the tangible and solid physical structures. The projects my girl made like Taj Mahal, creative religious buildings, introduction to an architectural master mind like Frank Gehry and his structures, and a zoom meeting with a prominent architect show how involved and committed Christine is to her students in letting the students experience the ultimate joy of her class. As my girl was enjoying the class so much she never realized that she was learning a lot of world history too…I could see how much Christine’s class impacted my girl as she has been asking me to take her to ancient structures and historical buildings in our trip to India coming summer. Icing on the cake is when students get to publish their own book at the end of the course. Truly amazing class!

neeharika mudumba, homeschool parent

From a student perspective:

“The ‘World History Out of Your Window’ class was a class where I learned about buildings in the ancient and middle times. My favorite building that I learned about was the Notre Dame cathedral. We also had to write a journal (that was fun) on buildings. At the end of the semester, we had a final project and created a presentation/report on a building of our choice. Then, we created a model of that building. This class was a fun, friendly, fascinating, and intriguing class. ☺️

Katelyn, 5th grade

Earth Story Ecology

From a Student Perspective –
I really liked how fun it was. Usually other science classes or any core subject classes are more serious, but this class was one of the best I’ve taken because it [wasn’t too] serious. We got to annotate, play games, and it wasn’t [either too] challenging or [too] easy.  Also, I liked how when we did a bigger project, [Ms. Christine] would break it up into smaller pieces so the load would be lighter on us. I would definitely recommend this class to other people.

Noora, 7th grade student

Earth Party Biology

From a student perspective:

“I wish this class was twice a week or more!”

Kinza, 4th grade

“This was one of the best science classes that I have seen. It incorporates hands-on work, while being solid at the same time.”

Ayat, homeschool mom

“This is an amazing class! Ms. Christine sparked a deep enthusiasm in our 9-year old daughter for the “The Kingdoms of Life” especially the fungi kingdom! Thank you Ms. Christine for another wonderful class!”

Rania E., homeschool mom