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We provide homeschool curriculum, classes, and creative opportunities for vivid, transformative family-based learning.    Tackling niche, but engaging avenues of study, we ask the question, “Why not?”

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Christine Echeverri, MA

Founder, publisher, author, educator, artist

Christine Echeverri, a native Angeleno, grew up steeped in experience that gave her a deep appreciation for cultural diversity. As a child, her education covered a wide spectrum of options, from private school to public visual arts magnets. She later went on to receive a B.A. in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and a M.A. in Economics from Cal State L.A.

She credits her mother and grandmother for exposing her as a child to the richness of California’s cultures and environment through private art lessons, museum trips, and countless other explorations. Her grandmother imparted to her a sense of wonder and enchantment about the world, and provided a living example of putting one’s passion into action as, driven solely by curiosity, she tirelessly explored the culture, history and geology of southern California.

Christine Echeverri is the mother of three children, whom she homeschooled for a number of years. The experience of integrating educational topics to guide learning in a way that was organic and holistic set her on a course to developing her own curriculum for the study of California history, California Out of the Box.

In 2020, she published Earth Party!  An Early Introduction to the Linnaean System of Classification of Living Things Unit Study for grades 1-6.  Available at the Carrier Shell Curriculum Bookstore and Amazon, the curriculum features a teacher’s guide and a student book. 

In 2019-20, while signed on as a coach with Los Angeles-based Home School Coaches, she pioneered her first live California history class — California Out of the Box — at FUNdamentals homeschool co-op in Arcadia.  Since the onset of the pandemic, she has developed several hands-on online classes for homeschoolers such as California Out of the Box, Earth Party Science, World History Out of Your Window, and a variety of other art classes (surrounding academic content), in a number of sections which are posted on this website. 

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Independent Instructors

Tracy Yeoh, MFA

Join me for a journey through land, peoples, cultures, plants and animals in California through literature and hands-on activities.

View a recent blog post about Tracy.

Tracy was born and raised in Southern California.  She is married to her husband Terence and have three beautiful children who have been homeschooled through elementary and middle school.  In addition to homeschooling, Tracy has enjoyed the privilege of serving as Co-Director of Children and Families’ Ministry at Grace Pasadena these past two years and has taught in children’s ministry for many years prior.  

Before marriage, Tracy was an early childhood teacher at the Pacific Oaks Children’s School in Pasadena.  Tracy earned her B.A. from Brown University in English and American Literature and MFA from Claremont Graduate School in the visual arts.  

Tracy has always endeavored to value children for who they are and to nurture their connection to nature and their own creative expression.  Both her children, at ages 9 and 11, have taken the CA History class and enjoyed its hands-on assignments and creative projects.  As a parent, she enjoyed the literature that was assigned to provide an engaging narrative to understand the historical context and events that took place.

She hopes that your child will come on the adventure of learning more about California History while discovering a love for nature’s wildlife, flora and fauna and engaging their creativity in unique ways.  

Lynn Haselton, PhD

Mom, teacher, aspiring librarian, scientist

I home schooled my (now seventeen-year-old ) twins for five years. Through that experience I discovered the educational value of living books. We want our children’s studies to have lasting impact. What would a child most likely remember – the date and text of the Indian Removal Act, or the story of a loving family forced to relocate from their traditional homelands? Story is important. That’s is why I have spent a lot of time reading and evaluating historical fiction for children. I have also created a consolidated database of historical stories that I have gathered from multiple sources: literary awards, home school curriculum, fan websites, reviews, library reading lists, friends’ recommendations and my own favorites. I use this database to choose the very best in historical fiction for my classes and recommendations.

With a background in physics, I have always had an appreciation for the relationship between time and space. I believe any study of history should be accompanied by a study of geography. In other words, where things happen are as important as when they happened (and how, why and who, of course!) To this end, I am creating a searchable map-based website for my historical fiction database that I hope will be a valuable resource for the home schooling community, teachers and history buffs. Come check it out at TheAntiqueBookcase.com.

I love history and maps and would love to share this passion with your children. My own educational achievements are a PhD in physics and a BA in German literature. In addition to teaching and reviewing books for my website, I volunteer as a school program docent at the Huntington Library, Art Museum and Botanical Gardens in Pasadena. I also volunteer with Reading Partners, helping to improve literacy for struggling students.

Camille Echeverri

Join me for character-based art and design classes

I have considered myself an artist for the vast majority of my life.  I started out drawing fairies and horses as a child, and went on to take courses both at the Art Center in Pasadena and the California School of the Arts San Gabriel Valley.  When I am not drawing, I take all the trapeze and lyra classes I can; I love the circus arts!

I believe a high level of visual artistic mastery is possible through practice and knowledge of simple construction techniques – and I love seeing others as excited as I am about creating!  My goal is to help others to use their artistic voices to make something truly unique.