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Why can’t I buy California Out of the Box?

We are most of the way through creating a revised edition of California Out of the Box, and happily it will be available in the next few months. Because of this, we are not selling new copies of the first curriculum in our store or through Amazon.

When do you anticipate it being for sale?

It will be available in summer 2024!

How is it different from the first version?

There are a number of new features which users will find useful. For one, it will have specific pacing for the days of the week, so it will be clear as to what should come when, knowing that families can always adjust the lessons if need be. Also, each unit will be indexed to a webpage via a QR code with links so parents and students can find a curated list of videos, websites, and image galleries with great ease.

In addition there will be a formal student book so students will be able to navigate the reading, internet explorations, and projects.

Speaking of projects, we have added a number of hands-on projects that have been developed as we have taught our online classes. Some examples are creating a carrier pigeon after learning about the Catalina island pigeon-post, exploring acorns and pinecones more in-depthly as part of a habitat lab, making posters or infographics to demonstrate knowledge about California native tribes, and our edible regions project at the curriculum culmination. We think these projects will be an engaging way to deepen learning.

In terms of content, we are adding more on urban wildlife, people who journeyed to California on foot like Charles Lummis and Biddy Mason, more on the resource of water, prehistory, native peoples, and more! A good part of the additional content will come in the form of a brand new reader to accompany the curriculum, which will replace the Stories from Where We Live/Stories Combo Set. In addition, there will be a new “Digging Deeper” pack of non-fiction books available to extend learning.

What will be the same?

As we have added content, we have made the decision to keep the pillars of the curriculum in place! All of these books will remain a core part of the curriculum:

  • Audubon Guide
  • Island of the Blue Dolphins
  • Valley of the Moon
  • By the Great Horn Spoon!
  • The Earth Dragon Awakes
  • Esperanza Rising

In addition, the core nature of an interdisciplinary study remains in tact, and if anything, we have added more—because as California is unique in people(s) and habitats, the curriculum needs to match this diversity, capturing all the beautiful variety.

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