What makes the Institute for Excellence in Writing curriculum perfect for teaching writing in an online class?

There are many choices and curricula out there that profess to make writing easy. To really answer this question of why the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) is an ideal curriculum for an online writing class, we asked Ms. Tracy, our Isn’t it Fascinating? Beginning Writing class instructor. Formerly a homeschool parent, she reflected on her and her kid’s experience with the curriculum taught in a class environment. Here is what she said:

“As a homeschooling mom, I remember how grateful I was for an IEW class that would teach my kids how to write from the ground up.  In the beginning, I remember how much my daughter struggled with putting sentences down on paper and how much time we put into proofreading and editing her writing.  The hard work paid off.  Assignment after assignment, it gradually became easier, and by the end of the year, it was not an arduous task that we dreaded.  Writing was no longer difficult and intimidating, but something that she felt capable and confident of doing independently.  IEW provided my three kids the foundation for writing that they have built upon in elementary, middle, and high school.

As a teacher, my hope is that each student will gain confidence in their ability to write, their unique voice, and their ability to share their work in an encouraging environment.”

If you are looking for someone to teach your 4th-5th grade student how to write from the ground up, we encourage you to sign your student up for Ms. Tracy’s class. The class will use the All things Fun and Fascinating curriculum book.

Here is what one parent had to say about Ms. Tracy’s teaching:

Teacher Tracy masterfully kept the class on task yet personable by checking in with each student at the start of class. After intros and check in, they would focus on class work, usually ending with their favorite online game quizzes. She made learning the weekly vocabulary words fun for the students and kept them energized. She knows how to present and manage an online class well. Tracy also knows when to politely push the students and when to let them expand their skills slowly on their own.

Dana V, homeschool parent

The details

  • Ages: Grades 4-6
  • Semester tuition: $385 ($50 discount for private pay)
  • Class date and time: Wednesdays at 10 AM (75 minutes)

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