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Architecture is Awesome: FREE Online Event

Last year we added our first ever architecture class World History Out of Your Window; it was so much fun for students and instructor Christine Echeverri. This year, the course has expanded to be a one year course: in fall semester students study the ancient world, and spring semester students explore the middle times. Both periods are rich in architectural elements: arches, domes, columns, post and lintel wood building technology, and more!

To give even a greater glimpse into the field of architecture, we are planning our first Architecture is Awesome event. GDS architect Charles Wee (bio), builder of skyscrapers, homes, and now LifeArk – has pioneered a new technology that will allow a material that has been around for a while to be used for human habitation, with many applications for people all over the world. Students and parents are welcome to come and hear what it’s like to be an architect, and to hear more about his ground breaking project.

There will be more information on our architecture classes as well. Come to learn; come to be inspired!

NEW! Valley of the Moon Audio Book

For families who are using California Out of the Box, we have recently learned that Valley of the Moon is available as an audio book with Learning Ally. Learning Ally is a non-profit service for adults and young students who have learning disabilities for whom reading text is difficult. They have an extensive catalogue of audio books; many of which are not even on Audible. If you have a student who experiences this issue, or you know of someone who navigates this type of challenge, have them check out Learning Ally! Additionally, many charter school organizations already have memberships with them; check in with your organization.

In-Person California History Classes

In addition to our California Out of the Box online class sections, we wanted to make families who are in the greater Los Angeles area aware of in-person California history classes, taking place at homeschool resource center Excellence in Education in Monrovia and FUNdamentals homeschool classes in Arcadia; they both use California Out of the Box. They will focus on the social studies components of the curriculum; enthusiastic instructor Michelle Velasquez has incorporated lots of field trips into the class offerings. Click below for more information!

Free National Park Pass: Every Kid Outdoors

Do you have a fourth grader? Enroll in this popular FREE National Park Pass Program and your family will have one year of free entrance to our astonishing national parks! Especially for homeschoolers, this pass is a favorite, allowing families to take advantage of the time they have to see the wonderful natural world in our country. Additionally, teachers and leaders of youth programs geared for fourth grade students can order and print out passes for students; this permission extends to religious leaders too — who operate programs for the targeted age range.

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