Why I Am Excited to Teach Harnessing Horsepower!

By Lynn Haselton (The picture above shows me at age eleven, on “Surf”)

I hope your 3rd to 4th grader can join me for this equine adventure!

Some of my earliest memories are of watching horseback riders on trail rides, or petting horses resting serenely in their white-fenced corrals by the side of the road in my equestrian community.  My parents, neither much interested in horses, did not understand my passion.  When I was old enough I would wander up the street to watch the lessons at a local training barn, only to come home and beg my parents for lessons.  I finally got my wish when I turned seven.

Soon, I was allowed to “take care of” a wily and stubborn Shetland pony named Tonka, who taught me to always get back on the horse after falling off.  Tonka was the first but not the last horse to teach me similar life lessons.  I became a skilled enough rider to do well on the local show riding circuit in the 1970s.  Although I stopped riding to attend college, take a job and eventually start a family, my passion for horses never left me.  When I started homeschooling my third grade girls, we incorporated riding lessons at a local stable as our P.E. class.  I even joined in on the fun!

Miss Lynn at age eleven, on “Surf”

I am so excited to teach Harnessing Horsepower this fall so that I can share my love of both history and horses!  We humans have always been fascinated by these beautiful animals even before domestication.  

The first intrepid person to jump onto the back of a horse almost 6,000 years ago probably had no idea he would change the course of human history.  In my class we will explore how horses have helped advance civilization by enhancing transportation, agriculture and warfare. We will learn about different breeds of horses from every continent (except Antarctica), and how horses continue to be part of our lives today

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