New Fall Courses We Are Excited About

Harnessing Horsepower!

Do you have a 3rd-4th grade student who rides horses? Or do you know of another family that rides? Explore our NEW course looking at horses in literature, history, and the arts. Instructor Lynn Haselton has ridden horses since she was a young child; in fact her family owned one during her teenage years. Homeschooling really is a natural furthering of a parent’s passion. What did she do when she began homeschooling? She enrolled her twin daughters in riding lessons where they too learned to love and ride these amazing creatures. If your student loves horses, enroll them in this class where they will learn and marvel at exceptional equines.

This horse, viewed from the air, is known as the Uffington White Horse located in Oxfordshire, England, circa 10th BCE. See this page for more information on this breathtaking monument.

Beginning Writing

Another offering we are very excited about is our Beginning Writing with Ms. Tracy. This last year, Ms. Tracy has taught all California Out of the Box classes; and — what a job she did! Hear what one of her parents had to say about her:

Tracy always took the time to add encouraging feedback when she graded the assignments and did a good job keeping the kids engaged and learning. It was a great class and I would recommend it to everyone.

-Heidi B., California Out of the Box parent

This beginning writing course is geared for grades 4-5, and will strengthen young writers using the IEW All Things Fun and Fascinating (Level A) curriculum. If you are familiar with this curriculum, you will know it’s gradual and complete; providing many ways students can easily make their writing more engaging.

Want more reasons why teaching writing to young kids is important? See this page to see more on why the ability to write is vital to lifelong-learning and success.

Young Author’s Club

low light photography of books

Finally, this new club is a workshop space allowing upper elementary to middle school students to try various techniques to open up their writing. Author and publisher Christine Echeverri has planned a course designed for students who already spend a fair amount of time on their own on creative projects. Students will write reviews, write for different purposes (to describe, to explain, etc), and free write, noticing how each technique impacts their writing, pushing young students to the edge of what they think they can do to let their true author’s voice emerge. Here is a great article that explains why finding a writing group is vital for young authors. The Fall session of this club will run 8 weeks.

Whether you are looking for a beginning writing course, a course to dig more deeply into horses, or a space to develop your young avid writer’s passion, we have you covered! Click on the relevant links below to get more information on the classes you are interested in!

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