Want Help Teaching Writing? 3 Reasons to Explore Our Writing Classes!

Writing is often an ongoing challenge in homeschool. Finding a caring, nurturing, and engaging environment with which to learn it can be harder yet. In response to this need, we have recently added two new writing classes this year, Beginning Writing with Ms. Tracy and Pages for the Middle Ages with Ms. Chenning; both are taught by seasoned online instructors with backgrounds in literature.

3 Reasons for Choosing our Writing Classes

Ms. Tracy is a very caring and knowledgeable teacher. She provided support that my daughter needed throughout the class.”

– Paola Y., parent in Ms. Tracy’s California Out of the Box class

1. Our writing instructors are nurturing and create warm and safe spaces for learning.

Both Ms. Tracy and Ms. Chenning understand that every student is an individual, and every family has unique values, which are to be encouraged. One small example to illustrate what this caring looks like was at the conclusion of Ms. Tracy’s California Out of the Box class this year, she created individualized bookmarks for every student with an acrostic poem filled with positive qualities about each student. Even though California Out of the Box is an online class, she did not send over a copy for students to print at home. Rather she physically mailed the bookmarks to each student. This is a wonderful example of the creative ways our teachers care for each student, treating them as the creative individual they are.

2. Our writing teachers use the trusted Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) curricula.

No doubt you have heard of homeschool students using this comprehensive and popular writing curriculum. One way to utilize the curriculum is to teach the lessons and guide your student through the year of study. Not everyone may feel comfortable or equipped to do this. For this reason, we have added these classes covering Level A using All Things Fun & Fascinating and Level B using Medieval History-Based Writing Lessons with instructors that love and are familiar with this curriculum. This curriculum provides structured step-by-step support that makes learning incremental, building broad categories like -ly words (adverbs), strong verbs, and sentence openers and clauses that make writing varied and engaging.

“After taking intermediate writing, my daughters’ writing skills as well as grammar have improved, and they are so much more confident with writing five paragraph essays.  I can tell how much time and effort Chenning puts in to make the class engaging, fun, and productive!”

– Sujin C., homeschool mom of former students

3. Our classes are robust.

Our writing classes are complete, fun, and skill-building. Students just don’t tune in to passively watch entertainment as they might when they stream movies. Rather our classes are engaging, filled with discussions and games; students submit work to get instructor feedback. This makes for robust classes and parents can take a deep breath knowing that their student’s writing is improving. Our instructor’s work saves YOU time and headache!

Check us out!

Whether you are looking for beginning or intermediate writing, explore our offerings. In our classes you can expect your student will learn in a caring yet thoughtful environment, where they will get the coaching they need in writing and much, much more!

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