Study World History, Draw Animal Characters, and Explore Living Things

Study, draw, explore! Check out our Upcoming Online Classes!

Though all our classes are virtual, we have worked tirelessly to create classes for students in grades 4-6 that engage with these three verbs! How do we do this?

We offer interdisciplinary classes.

In each one of our new classes, students will learn about related age-appropriate topics that make the original topic (history or science) even more interesting. Here is a great article about interdisciplinary teaching.

In World History Out of Your Window©, as students read about various peoples like the Greeks, Mughals, Romans, and other cultures and time periods in History Quest, they will learn about monuments still standing today such as the Colosseum, Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Zigurat of Ur, Olmec Colossal Heads, and more. We tend to know about past cultures by way of the artifacts that remain such as writings, pottery, and buildings. If your family takes a trip to Egypt, India, or Rome, no doubt you would visit the buildings!

Ms. Christine will have students draw and use blocks to explore engineering concepts. History will be remembered, as it will be connected to hands-on 3D building exploration exercises.

We offer engaging and relevant classes.

In Fantastic Beasts (and How to Draw Them), artist (Ms. Christine’s daughter) Camille Echeverri (bio) will cover conventions on how to draw and design animals. She will go over things like how to draw eyes, mouths, anatomy, etc. To culminate the class, students will have an opportunity to develop their own original character(s).This class will be a treat! Ms. Camille has been designing anthropomorphic characters since she was 4 years old!

We offer advanced classes that teach real material.

We don’t want to waste your student’s time learning material that is unimportant.

Do your kids love learning about animals? This one will be a great class for them! Learners will explore various forms of life like protozoa, insects, and fungi in monthly microscope exercises. They’ll use the Earth Party curriculum, created by Christine Echeverri (also the teacher of this course) to guide the semester of study. Along the way, using clay students will model many of the forms of life, so they will have a 3D record of all they have learned!

Whether you are looking for history, art, or science, Carrier Shell Classes has you covered!

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