Check This Out! Literature Approach Classes for Fall 2021

What a year 2020-21 has been! With the pandemic, challenges faced in technology and educating our kids, and finding true human community. In spite of it all, we are still very excited about next year and the offerings we are adding for homeschool families.

Welcoming New Instructors and Courses

California Out of the Box Online Class Expansion

(Even more outside the box!)

To offer further class sessions, we welcome Tracy Yeoh. In addition to a bachelors in literature, she also has a MFA in visual art. For those that have taken our California Out of the Box classes, you know how much visual creative work is a part of our approach. Though it’s an online class, students really enjoy being involved in creative, hands-on work they can complete in class. Tracy will continue in this tradition and bring all of her experience both as a homeschool parent and an artist to the class.

Early American History & Geography

We are thrilled to add a instructor Lynn Haselton to our line-up. Lynn will teach a course we are passionate about: Early American History and Geography. Lynn comes with years of experience as a homeschool parent, teaching her own twins using the literature approach as often as possible. In addition, she has spent the last year developing a website that will ultimately be a geographically searchable historical fiction database for families that love books and read-alouds. Follow the link to check out her work!

Earth Party Science Fall Semester

We are excited to offer our first ever semester class for Earth Party! curriculum. In this literature approach class, students will explore the kingdoms of life from microscopic organisms through large mammals. Usually not touched on until middle or high school, this class will provide an excellent basis for kids—using hands-on materials around home to classify life forms and look at broad characteristics on the forms of life. Author Christine Echeverri (California Out of the Box and Earth Party!) will teach this course, which incidentally, was one of the first things she taught her own children in her first year of homeschooling. The course use the following literature approach books:

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