California On My Mind: Summer and Fall 2021 News and Happenings

Ever played the game where you hear three statements and you need to identify the untruth (or lie)? Try your hand at these!

Two Truths and a Lie

  1. I pitched my tent under an owl in the desert.
  2. After May, we are done with classes for the year.
  3. We are selling selections from Stories from Where We Live in our store.

If you guessed #2 is incorrect, you are right! (We are not done with our classes this year!) We are grateful to Mike Wittmer, Anza-Borrego area birder for allowing us to post this beautiful photo of the owl he captured in our campsite, above our tent at Tamarisk Grove Campground; we traveled to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park at the end of March. This Long-Eared Owl stayed in about this same place for our three nights there!

Hands-on online classes, anyone?

Sufyan, 4th grade

Good News! Summer Earth Party Online Now Open for Registration

We are excited about our newest summer class, Earth Party Science Online. If you have students that are curious and love animals, our class will provide a terrific basis on the five kingdoms of life from bacteria, fungi (mushrooms), protozoa (algae), and plants and animals. Beginning June 8, the class will run for 3 weeks, Tuesdays and Thursdays each week. (You can still go on weekend trips and not even miss class!) Here is a link to more information. This class will be enrichment-oriented.

Fall Classes Now Posted

Iman, 4th grade

This fall, we will offer 2 classes; Earth Party Science (sign-up link, semester-long) and California Out of the Box (sign-up link, year-long, two semesters). Additionally, we have signed on with several charters as service vendors: Blue Ridge Academy, iLead, Ocean Grove, Sky Mountain, and South Sutter. We have received many amazing students from these organizations. We are excited to be direct vendors and to provide quality, organic education to homeschoolers.

Look No Longer! Stories from Where We Live Combo Set

Have you tried to find Stories from Where We Live ? We are thrilled to announce we have received permission to reprint a number of selections from this book. We are now selling the Stories Combo Set (Store link), which covers most of the stories. See this page for the stories not printed.

Other things to look forward to: Fall Webinars

California Out of the Box Pre-Year Teacher Training Session

We are putting together a late August session for families that will tackle the curriculum and would like an in-person introduction and overview, with author Christine Echeverri. This session will go for an hour or two, and will have a nominal fee.

Also, we plan to work up a Stop Losing Your Stuff! Google Classroom How-To for Homeschool, as well as our popular Field Trips Webinar. Click on the button below to be notified when sign-ups for these unique opportunities open.

Thanks to Iman and Sufyan for allowing us to post their work from class. We love seeing what our California Out of the Box students come up with!

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