Projects in Online Learning: California Coast and Island Habitat Home Design

What a year it has been! With Covid, so much of how we educate our kids has changed. One of my highlights has been working with my California Out of the Box online students. Even though we meet on Zoom each week and are not able to see each other physically, projects such as these remind me that my students are having real experiences with the material. I have been delighted and amazed by my student’s work. Their attention to detail and working with materials they have is refreshing.

Nina, 6th Grade

While we have been reading Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell, we have been learning about the coast and islands habitat in California. Students created home models in the style of Karana’s home (from the story), using materials that could be found in that environment. Some of my students went to the beach to gather materials, and some went to the craft store. Like homeschooling in general — I give my students freedom to do whatever works for them. I love the differences in the home models.

Asia, 4th Grade
Baylor, 4th Grade
Maryam, 3rd Grade
Tristan, 5th Grade

(If you are one of my students seeing this post, I would love to include your work! Message me:)

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