Dr. Anne Innis Dagg – An Inspiration for All Young Minds

Earth Party! Biology Curriculum –

“I am honoured to be asked for my input on this curriculum. These lessons provide invaluable educational tools for young girls and boys interested in learning about science and hopefully continuing to pursue science as they progress onto high school and beyond. I am impressed with the depth of the content and the variety of topics covered which are presented in an engaging way that will entice young minds. Facilitators will find this material straightforward to interpret and teach.”

Dr. Anne Innis Dagg, August 2020

We are so honored to receive giraffologist Dr. Innis Dagg’s comments! Before Covid-19, Christine saw the wonderful movieThe Woman Who Loves Giraffes — about Dr. Anne Innis Dagg’s study of the reticulated giraffe, as well as her own life story. See this post for more information about this amazing and inspirational movie.

Dr. Innis Dagg has a special double-draw from our point of view. In addition to being a zoologist, she is also a feminist — writing about her experience as a female in the male-dominated zoology field of her day. This is important, especially for homeschool moms that have daughters thinking or hoping for a career in the sciences. She fought long and hard during a time when women were being shut out of academic institutions. (Click on this link to get information about the Anne Innis Dagg Foundation to protect the giraffe — and their habitat.)

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Our curriculum, Earth Party! is a nod in younger childhood to the legacy of people like Dr. Innis Dagg. Let’s have our children be educated on the forms of life, and be ahead of the game!

Earth Party!

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