Why should young students learn about the kingdoms of life?

(And, what are the “kingdoms of life?”)

The five kingdoms of living things involve all of forms of life such as bacteria (single-celled organisms without a true nucleus), fungi (mushroom and yeast), protists (algae, paramecium), plants, and animals (both vertebrates and invertebrates).

Let’s Not Bore Our Kids

Do you find yourself spending a lot of time to find curriculum that is smart? Do you feel that resources you have purchased before were baby-ish? You will not have that problem with Earth Party!*, our newest biology curriculum which tackles an advanced subject matter! Reviewers and users of our curriculum relate they viewed the subject matter advanced. But—let’s remember — kids are playing Pokemon and characters are morphing, evolving, with powers, stats, etc; kids comprehend specific, detailed material just fine! Boys are capable of memorizing all types of car and airplane minutiae. (I know this personally!) Why not give their rapidly growing brains amazing facts to learn? One never knows where this type of information will lead!

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Unlike Us, Our Kids are Connected with the Natural World

In my experience in teaching my own kids in homeschool, as well as at co-ops, young kids are fascinated by animal life! They are excited to go to zoos and aquariums and see animals doing their thing. When kids go on walks and see animal life – it’s even more magical! Seeing a bobcat, frog, hawk, deer, or bear will make the trip! It will be the first thing kids mention when asked about how their (fill in the blank) trip was.

Our curriculum always enhances this connection with the natural world. Whether it be California Out of the Box or Earth Party! families can expect observation of the natural world to be woven into our approach.

All Life IS Beautiful!

And I say this with humility! My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer seven years ago and passed away less than 2 months after her diagnosis. Sometimes I find myself imagining what the cancer cells looked like while they were growing in her brain. In the years after she passed away, I began noticing fungi and mushrooms everywhere. I had to agree that though they were breaking down other life forms, they were so beautiful and pleasing to look at. Fungi often have striking color and patterns that look strangely like candied taffy. This newfound appreciation for fungi — I am sure goes back to my mom and my wondering what her brain cancer looked like. Life can be pleasing to look at, complex, organized, and artistic, even while destructive. This is the paradox of life.

Why choose Earth Party! curriculum?

Earth Party!

One of the most expedient benefits to our curriculum — it is short! Families will not get bogged down. We have written it for 12-weeks, though it can be adapted to six weeks. Sometimes this material is contained in other life science, zoology, and botany curriculum – but ours covers all the kingdoms so that a broad concept of the forms of life can be learned quickly. (I covered this same content in 4-weeks with my own kids. It was one of the units I taught my kids in our first year of homeschooling, when I had a 1st and 4th grader. I felt strongly they needed a good background in life forms.) See this link for curriculum product information.

The Frosting on Top!

A print from Ernst Haeckel’s Art Forms in Nature Book

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