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How to find books for California Out of the Box

We are delighted more families are choosing California Out of the Box for their California history curriculum. Recently, we have received emails from families having difficulty obtaining a few of the resources.

Stories from Where We Live

Update December 2020: See this page for specific information on where to find story selections from Stories from Where We Live online.



Have you ever used World Cat? Librarians love this tool! This site searches all libraries in your area and shows where copies of a given book are located. Now that more libraries are open for curbside pick-up, this option could be a good one. Follow this direct link to see where copies of Stories from Where We Live are located in your area. For your convenience, we have included the stories used in Stories From Where We Live below — to make it easier to find the selections when checking the book out from the library.

Selections from Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast used in California Out of the Box

SelectionBegins on page
Seacoast Secret164
The Poppy193
The Dolphins185
Ode to A Plain Old Pond Frog195
The Earth Dragon92
There Oughter Be an Otter197
The Lone Woman of San Nicholas Island147
Night Beach90
Catalina’s Pigeon Express129
Hollywood and the Pits67
Fire in the Chaparral!98
The Secret of C.D. Parkhurst39
Camping Out in Redwood Country81
Fog – San Francisco80
The Real Work10
In the New Garden139
Vasquez Rocks106
The Marsh at the Edge of Arcata109
The Long Bike Ride12
The Lost Hills134
In Trees 119
A Birding on a Bronco187
Animals and Plants215
Stories by Region218

Internet Archive is another great source. By setting up an account, users can borrow a digital resource for FREE for a short term – an hour. The good thing about the short term policy is the book gets checked back in often, and should be available. Here is a link to the hardcover copy of Stories.

Another FREE resource is Open Library; books can be used by one patron at a time, for up to 14 days. Users must sign-up for a free account. No special software is needed. Here is a link to the hardcover copy of Stories from Where We Live.

Book Buyback Program

If you have a copy of Stories from Where We Live, we will pay you for your book!* If you own a hardcover, we’ll pay you $11; for a paperback we will pay you $8.50. Additionally, if you have a copy of Valley of the Moon you would like to sell, we will pay $7 per copy. You pay for shipping the book(s) to us, media mail. If the pages are torn and unreadable or water damaged, we will not be able to accept your book(s). Please contact us if you are in doubt. Payouts will be completed through Venmo, Amazon gift cards, Carrier Shell Curriculum Bookstore credit, or a paper check mailed to your home. So we can properly credit you, download this form which includes a mailing label, and simply ship along with your used books.

Visit this page for up-to-date program details. Note: if opting for store credit, add $2 more per payout amount.

* While most shipments arrive just fine, if books should get lost in the mail, we are not responsible for a payout. Sellers may want to consider insuring books to avoid loss.

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  1. I was able to find a beautiful like new copy of Stories From Where We Live from Abe Books recently!

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