Can you identify the sources of inspiration for these characters?

One of the things we love about genuine learning is it can be found in real life. We recently published Earth Party! An Early Introduction to the System of classification of Living Things Curriculum. Do you remember learning about monera, fungi, protists, and the plant and animal kingdom in high school? All that information is contained in this unit study, for kids in grades 1-6! As you and your children watch movies and cartoons, look for the life forms from these kingdoms that are found in awesome characters that appear in your favorite films.


Which life forms inspired these fun characters?

How about these characters?

Chewbacca: Bear, dog, or __________?

Batman, right? Is a bat a bird, or a mammal?

Earth Party! Curriculum

Earth Party!

One of the reasons we have written our curriculum is it applies so broadly to what children see. Every time they watch Star Wars, Pokemon, the Lord of the Rings, DC and Marvel, Avatar, etc, a variety of life forms are used to make characters engaging. With our curriculum, students will be smarter and able to quickly notice the life forms that have inspired the characters they love!

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More Information on Character Design

Incidentally, the ability to know concrete information about life forms, abstract it, and use that information to design original content is definitely an income producing skill! Two projects in the curriculum involve designing a theme park and creating an original superhero, using information gained from learning about the kingdoms of living things. Here are some resources about how to design characters:


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