Day 12: Mercy

Our world

For a moment, I will step out of my role as a secular homeschool curriculum writer to compose a post that is personal. Today, as I went out for my jog, the phrase that kept coming to me was:

Lord, have mercy. We need your mercy. Each one of us.

In the short-run, science will not help us. A vaccine is–not yet. This is an opportunity for us to appeal to forces higher than ourselves. We are small and incapable, comparing to the power of this disease.

Lord, have mercy. We need your mercy.

As I have heard stories and seen photos of healthcare workers, police, nursing home employees–and then contemplate my own life and potential mortality–I am only left with that prayer. Though I do not have the disease and I am healthy right now, I know of many who were forced to make difficult decisions. I have a friend that was recently diagnosed with lung cancer, and given 2-3 months to live. Another friend needs a breast biopsy. Others are forced to chose who they will quarantine with–their family or with their aging parent, knowing that they may never see their aging parent again. It’s time to dig deep and humbly appeal to a power greater than ourselves.

Have mercy. We need your mercy. Everyone of us.

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