Day 11: How We Start Our School Day

The Power of Story

This semester, my boys and I are learning about US history. In my effort to cut down busywork, we are focusing on doing things that matter in the simplest possible way–history as told through story. Currently we are reading Johnny Tremain together. It’s been a huge relief to simply sit down, and read this story together each morning.

Story is ripe with accounts of how characters have pushed through in difficult times. How they react, and often triumph even with accidents, disease, death, misfortune, and other challenges. Story is a super easy way for everyone to learn.

Read Aloud Booklist

I am attaching a Read Aloud list from a previous post. For great sources of these books during this difficult time — check out Audible, your local library (ebooks), or Open Library (free 2-week loans on digital books in their archive).

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