Day 10: California Schools–Interested in Continuing Next Fall with an Established Independent Study Program?

No one knows exactly how long school closures might last. The following are links to public Independent Study Programs (ISPs) based in California that have been servicing homeschool families for some time. The advantage of going with one of these—they have mastered how to help your family cover the bases, while allowing for maximum freedom. They are knowledgeable with various curricula that can make your work easier as a homeschooling parent. They won’t send your student home with busywork packets!

Blue Ridge Academy, Los Angeles area (List of free resources from a Blue Ridge Academy HST)

Inspire Charter Schools (This is the parent school for Blue Ridge Academy and other Charter School Programs located within the state. Visit their site for the program closest to you.)



Sky Mountain (IEM is the parent company. IEM also has South Sutter and Ocean Grove, schools in other parts of California)

Excel Academy

Additionally, as a product vendor with all these programs, my California history curriculum California Out of the Box can be purchased using charter school funds. If you have particular questions, you may email me at

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