Day 4 & 5: Finally, I Feel Like I Can Stop Going to the Grocery Store!

What a crazy last 5 days!!! Some highlights:

Jogging in the neighborhood

Yesterday, I felt I had to get out there for a run. Yet, it was not easy to do. I have a list of all the technology I need to come up with: Zoom, Google Classroom, etc. To break away from these tasks was hard. Once I did it, I felt great. I didn’t even feel tired in my 30 minute jog—because I have so much adrenaline stored up. My heart is just pounding each night. Do you feel that way? I feel like I’m in a bad movie, but it won’t stop.

Blaze, Pasadena

For the first time in 5 days, I also felt that I did not have to go to the market. My fears of food shortages seem to be abating. Now, I feel that job security (within America) is my bigger anxiety. While I was at Blaze Pizza yesterday, the worker said they had to let 6 people go. Yes, I think unemployment is the nasty reality for some untold number of people.

Going forward

  • Appreciate moments of “normal” life, when you experience them. I was so happy these cakes were still in stock!
  • Adapt to get life done – learn Zoom, Google Hangouts, and other technology. We are all figuring it together!
  • Notice beauty around you – Are trees flowering? Do you love the lunch you cooked? Enjoy it to the fullest!
Blossoming ceanothus

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