Day 2: While We Still Can

Breaking that self-imposed quarantine

After reading on CNN there could be potential national lockdowns, I broke quarantine. Yes I did! This next week is my 10th graders Spring Break. I planned to take her for a Mother & Daughter Tea.

After looking at the headlines, I decided today is the day! I called our usual tea house in Pasadena, just to ask if they were still open. Upon hearing they were open, I didn’t hesitate. We quickly left the house. Have you felt this way at all—wanting to just do something normal? I had to make a break for it!

It was nice to get a break from feeling scared and having cabin fever. I was amazed there were so many other patrons in the tea house. I realized for a moment, these people were having a “normal” tea. Just like the old times.


As I walked around Old Town Pasadena, I found myself noticing places that were open and feeling relieved. There were a fair amount of stores closed however. Outside one restaurant, I saw a beautiful flower fascade. I had to take a picture—because it was beautiful. I found myself exploring and appreciating objects that were gorgeous.

Today our family will get together with a friend who has just been diagnosed with lung and stomach cancer. I am reminded that our family situation is not at all as complicated as what he might face—having his immunity and respiratory system compromised, requiring surgery, and then following a course of radiation and chemo. Can you imagine that right now? My prayers go out.

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