Day 1: Even Cutting Up Fruit is Different

This series chronicles life under self-imposed Covid-19 quarantine.

Last Thursday, my 10-year old son and I were in Smart and Final, stocking up. A quick glance at certain sections such as the depleted meat section, as well as the growing register line, suggested to me I should get busy in the store and buy things and get out quick!

My son asked me if we could buy a watermelon. I thought it was a good idea, and I was glad he was excited about something. How could we go wrong, buying a watermelon?

Life in quarantine

Today, he asked me if he could cut it up. I wasn’t sure if there was space in the fridge for a big tub of slices. I said “Go and check the fridge first, to see if there is room to store it and come back and tell me.” I knew space was tight due to stocking up. I went into our kitchen 10 minutes later and freaked out—he was cutting up the watermelon without giving me a fridge status first. AND–he didn’t even wash the outside rind.

“Please listen to exactly how I ask you to do things!”

I started giving directives while my 10-year old started crying and saying “I didn’t know what you meant!” I then laid it out–“We are in a strange time right now. If I give directions they need to be followed exactly as I say them.”

Even the sky was angry

Poor kid. It was only watermelon, which my kids proceeded to mostly devour within 4 hours of being cut up anyway. Did I need to freak out? No. Internally I think we are all scared, overwhelmed, and feel powerless. These are curious times indeed. I reminded myself that I need to keep telling my kids: The way we use to do things — is completely changed (at least for the next two weeks).

Day 1 Lesson: Be gracious with each other.

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