Covid-19: We Are All Homeschoolers Now

5 things to help parents, and our children at home

PREFACE: Children LOVE structure. You might not have guessed it from how they might fight you. But they do. The comfort of an adult having a plan means a world to them.


Every morning teachers begin the day in a certain way: attendance, morning meeting, etc. When having kids at home—and needing to accomplish academic goals—set up a routine. It could be anything: 45 minutes for breakfast, beginging the day with a story, stretches, a walk up and down the block, anything. Just do it everyday! Your children will come to expect it.

Have a visible list of “Things to Do”

Has your district sent a packet, or a portal, or a website to tune into? Spend a little while familiarizing yourself with the demands. How much work? All online, or written components? Find a piece of paper, or a whiteboard, or something else, and write it up for students to see, once they are ready for the day.

Reward your student!

Kids love completing the task, and then getting something in return. I have learned that offering a daily prize ticket, and then a prize for _______ many tickets is helpful. Not only do they get a reward, but they accomplished something. AND most importantly, they are DONE with the school part of the day. Having a distinction between school and not-school is important, for your sanity and their desire to get the work done. After school, they have choices: TV, video games, etc.

What do you think they should know?

I ask this question–because many homeschoolers have”things” they want to teach their kids. Do you love cooking, playing basketball, reading, or—-. Have permission to further these areas of interest.

Have fun!

The world is shaken, upside down. Come up with 1 fun, or different thing to do (maybe that you have never have done before). This is valuable time with your children.

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