Borrow Online Books for Free in the Comfort of Your Own Home

Open Library

Here is a super resource we want to share with you: Open Library. It’s an online resource, brought to you from Internet Archive, that has copies of many current, popular books. You must sign-up for a free account. Once that’s completed, start checking out up to 5 books for 2 weeks timeframe each! If a book is currently checked out, hop on the waitlist. Many books have multiple versions, so it’s easy to find a copy.

World Cat

Linked in with Open Library is World Cat, a very useful tool that will help you see what libraries around you have copies of the book you are looking for. Punch in your zip code and find library copies close to your location.

California Out of the Box Literature Books

Looking for literature books used in California Out of the Box? Obtain copies in Open Library! They have A Gift for Abuelita: Celebrating the Day of the Dead by Nancy Luenn, Stories from Where We Live: The California Coast, Island of the Blue Dolphins, Valley of the Moon, By the Great Horn Spoon!, The Earth Dragon Awakes, and Esperanza Rising.

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